Could You Injure Your Child with Acid?

A ‘father’ in Florida did.  And his little boy is only 10.  So ‘dad’ has been charged with attempted murder.

The father at the center of one of the state’s most ghastly child abuse scandals was charged with attempted murder late Thursday night for the critical injuries sustained by one his two 10-year-old adoptive twins – a boy found doused with chemicals inside a pick-up off Interstate 95, West Palm Beach police said.  The new charge against Jorge Barahona, 53, of Miami-Dade, negated a $1 million bail set earlier in the day for the father being held at the Palm Beach County Jail.  He is now being held without bond, according to jail website records.  Police said that at the same time, detectives were expected to execute a search warrant during the night at the Barahonas’ home, where the twins were said to have been tortured. And Barahona’s wife, Carmen, was with Miami-Dade police Thursday night.

Ok mom, why did you let your children suffer?  I don’t get it.  I don’t understand people at all and I don’t think I want to.  I’d rather take a bullet than let my child suffer a trauma of any sort.  I just don’t get it.  I hope that the divine judgment swiftly falls on and crushes this brute.  He’s certainly quite deserving.  And then he can become one of Satan’s toothpicks (a fate, you’ll recall, reserved for child abusers).

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