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Martin Luther: On Preachers

I would not have preachers torment their hearers, and detain them with long and tedious preaching, for the delight of hearing vanishes therewith, and the preachers hurt themselves. A good preacher should have these properties and virtues: first, to teach … Continue reading

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Gross Catholic Relic Stuff

I like my Catholic friends but it’s stuff like this that makes me glad I’m not a follower of the Papacy… Faithful attending the beatification of Pope John Paul in Rome will be able to pray before his coffin, which … Continue reading

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Answering Your Letters

A while ago someone named Alan wrote Dear Jim, Why are you so harsh?  I like to read your blog but you seem very harsh. Alan Well Alan, I only seem harsh because these days everyone likes to equivocate, evade, … Continue reading

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For All The ‘Rapture’ People…

You really seriously need to watch this: And read this

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Ted Haggard Makes me Sick to my Stomach

For so many reasons.  So many.  His duplicity, his hypocrisy, his absolute depravity, his wishy-washiness, and most recently, his abandonment of what he apparently only pretended to believe. In a cover story for gay glossy The Advoc­ate, Rev. Ted Hag­gard now … Continue reading

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Quote of the Day

Why do Roman Catholics always beat Anglicans in chess? They can tell the difference between a bishop and a king.  — Andy Rowell

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David Instone-Brewer Responds to a BBC Program Laced with Inaccuracy

Dear Friend, You may have seen the recent programme on “The Beauty of Books: Ancient Bibles” on BBC 4, Feb 8. This well-produced and researched programme concluded that the church deliberately introduced thousands of changes into the New Testament for … Continue reading

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Well He’s Not the Sharpest Knife in the Professorial Drawer is He?

A Murray State University professor has resigned after allegedly making racial remarks to a black student. Mark Wattier, a political science professor, told freshman Arlene Johnson last August that he wasn’t surprised that she didn’t show up on time to … Continue reading

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I Think I’m Cracking Up…

I feel bad for Bieber… people seem to be rejoicing all around the world seeing him gunned down on CSI… I feel bad for the kid… I need to go right now to the doctor. Right now, for a full … Continue reading

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Tell Me Again how Obama isn’t George Bush Number 3?

On Thursday, President Barack Obama telephoned Mahmoud Abbas, the Palestinian president, to urge him to block a UN Security Council resolution condemning settlements. Obama pressed very hard during the 50 minute call, so hard that Abbas felt constrained to agree to take … Continue reading

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Until Our Own Problems are Solved, Stop Giving our Money Away!

That’s my message to the dimwits in Washington, who in spite of tremendous budgetary difficulties here, insist on flushing tax dollars down the sewer of the Middle East. The United States has announced it will provide $150 million in aid … Continue reading

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Oh For Pete’s Sake…

Depraved little reprobates… In the wake of a disturbing video, shot on school property and showing students mugging for the camera as a fellow student lay unconscious at their feet suffering from alcohol poisoning, police on Thursday arrested four more … Continue reading

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A Bit More on Luther

As related by Philip Schaff- Luther’s greatness is not that of a polished work of art, but of an Alpine mountain with towering peaks, rough granite blocks, bracing air, fresh fountains, and green meadows. His polemical books rush along like … Continue reading

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Unethical Students Become Unethical Citizens

The number of students cheating on university applications soared by a third last year amid rising competition for degree courses. When they get into the workforce they can continue down their unethical paths and maintain their godlessness in an environment … Continue reading

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Killed Over a Dog…

An argument over a pet dog may have sparked the murder-suicide of an elderly couple at their home, police said. What? Detectives are investigating whether Don Taylor, 80, bludgeoned his estranged wife, Audrey, 75, after the pair rowed over her … Continue reading

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I Applaud You, Joel Northrup

It’s nice to see that there are still young men who have been raised with values and good sense. An Iowa high school wrestler gave up his chance to become a state champion when he refused to try to pin … Continue reading

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Could You Injure Your Child with Acid?

A ‘father’ in Florida did.  And his little boy is only 10.  So ‘dad’ has been charged with attempted murder. The father at the center of one of the state’s most ghastly child abuse scandals was charged with attempted murder … Continue reading

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Farewell, You Drunken Devil

February 18, 1546 was the day that Martin Luther died.  He was a brilliant, pugnacious, vile, brutal, gifted, drunken, magnificent contradiction of a man.  Filled with absolute hatred for anyone and everyone who disagreed with him (think of his hateful … Continue reading

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