The Tower of Jericho…

Did you think it had a defensive purpose?  Alas, no.  It was built to scare farmers into – well – farming… according to a new theory.

Constructed 11,000 years ago, Jericho tower was aimed at encouraging farming life. The world’s first skyscraper was built by early farmers, who were frightened into erecting a solar marker by mankind’s early bosses, archaeologists say.

Long before its Biblical walls came tumbling down, Jericho’s residents were being enticed to give up hunting and gathering and start farming for a living. They settled in this oasis next to the Jordan River and built a mysterious 8.5-meter (28-foot) stone tower on the edge of town. Now, using computer technology, Israeli archaeologists are saying it was built to mark the summer solstice and as a symbol that would entice people to abandon their nomadic ways and settle down. “The tower was constructed by a major building effort. People were working for a very long time and very hard. It was not like the other domestic buildings in Jericho,” said Ran Barkai of the Department of Archaeology at Tel Aviv University, who was part of a team that did the computer analysis.

Read the rest, then go build a tower and maybe more people will farm and food prices will go down…

3 thoughts on “The Tower of Jericho…

  1. Tim Bulkeley 15 Feb 2011 at 2:29 am

    It’s the tower of Babel, they have identified the tower of Babel! Noah’s ark can’t be far away. Even perhaps the (fossilised?) core of Eve’s apple 😉


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