Postal Workers and Depravity

You know, lately I’ve felt badly for the Post Office.  They’re really under fire because so many people are using email instead of regular snail mail.  They’re loosing a gazillion dollars a year, and post offices are being closed all around the country.

Nevertheless, it seems that there’s plenty of money for parties and expensive hotels and porn…  so my sympathy has died.

On his way to the adult shop?

If the cash-strapped U.S. Postal Service wants to save money it should ensure that its workers aren’t booking pricey hotel rooms and airplane tickets or buying pornography, according to a new watchdog report.  Over a two-year period, some postal workers used credit cards meant for travel and lodging expenses to buy family members flights to Spain and Italy, purchase Apple computers and make more than 50 purchases at “adult entertainment” stores.  The findings, detailed in a Postal Service Inspector General report, also reveal that USPS didn’t cancel 2,491 credit cards issued to former employees, including 53 who were listed as deceased. Two former employees were still using their cards after they left, according to the report.

Taxpayers are already stressed, services are being slashed, the economy is in the tank, and the Government is even now debating what else it can eliminate to save money.  To use federal funds for such nefarious purposes is an outrage against every person who has to send money to the federal government.