Most Misleading Headline of the Day Award Goes to…

The Huffington Post- for this grossly misleading little foray into misrepresentation:

The Biblical Prophets and Israel

Seeing that you’d expect an essay which actually mentioned in some detail the Prophets and Israel (either ancient or modern or both). Alas, you’ll not find it. What you’ll find instead is actually a very good essay on the necessity of Israel to give more attention to its mistreatment of Israeli Arabs… Not until the closing paragraph are the Prophets mentioned, as though in passing or as an afterthought or just for the sake of making the essay sound more religiously based or themed:

There is no more effective response to the challenges to Israel’s legitimacy than to help her become more fully Jewish and more fully democratic. It may well be that the expressions of justice and peace of the Biblical prophets is also the most effective political strategy available to defend the state of Israel.

That’s it. Poor prophets- used again. This time to drag attention to an essay kicking and screaming only to leave the reader completely unsatisfied because they aren’t even bothered with or so much as cited!  Congrats, HuffPo.  Your headline misleads and you win the award.