Lady Gag(a-lot) Has a New Song…

Gag(a) without her get-up

You know me, I’m a pop culture watcher (because nothing says unintelligent depravity like 99% of pop culture) so of course I took note of the news that Lady Gag(a-lot) has a new song celebrating homosexuality as a born condition or state or nature.

what Lady Gag (for short) refuses to recognize (or probably doesn’t know, because simple minds prefer simple explanations) is that there are numerous reasons why a person may be homosexually inclined.  There are psychological reasons, physiological reasons, emotional reasons, spiritual reasons, and even theological reasons.  The notion that gays are ‘born that way’ ignores the complexity of the issue and turns a blind eye to the facts.

But that’s what pop culture is best at: turning a blind eye to the facts.  That because pop culture is to truth and knowledge what ‘praise songs’ are to true worship.  It is a skimming of the surface, an appeal to the lowest common denominator, a foolishness born of laziness and pride blended together in a deadly stew of ignorance.  In short, to be blunt, it is yet another manifestation of total depravity- the accursed condition of life lived without God and grace and the utter inability to notice that one is in precisely that state.

Lady Gag(a-nd make me hurl) can sing and sell and pimp her ideology as much as she wishes, but she can’t change the facts or alter the truth.  She can only mislead and deceive those tragic souls foolish enough to buy into her notions.