Another Perverted Prof

Your tuition dollars and tax dollars (in Maine) paid for this little example of depraved perversity.

A tenured economics professor at Colby College was forced to resign late last month after allegations surfaced that he set up a hidden surveillance camera to take photos of female students in a bathroom while chaperoning an international student trip, according to court documents.  Philip H. Brown, an associate professor of economics who has taught at Colby since 2003, has not been charged and an investigation by the Maine State Police Computer Crimes Unit is ongoing. Brown’s resignation was confirmed by the college.  …

According to the affidavit filed by Armstrong, the allegations surfaced on Jan. 22 when two students were writing a blog post and accidentally deleted the entry. The students attempted to retrieve the blog post from the computer’s trash bin “and found disturbing images of a fellow student.”  The student in the photo, a female, was “nude from the waist down.”  On Jan. 24, Armstrong received a complaint from the college’s attorney concerning the student trip to China, which included four female students.  According to the lawyer, Jerry Crouter, “students on the trip had reported the discovery of images on a computer apparently taken by a hidden surveillance camera placed in the female students’ bathroom in the hotel they were staying in while in China.”

Disgusting.  But at least he was a tenured guy at an accredited school and that’s all that really matters.

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