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Alcohol Kills More People than AIDS, TB, or Violence

And yet it remains the most widely available destroyer of human life on the planet. Alcohol causes nearly 4 percent of deaths worldwide, more than AIDS, tuberculosis or violence, the World Health Organization warned on Friday.  Rising incomes have triggered … Continue reading

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Get That Special Someone a Roach for Valentine’s Day… Go Ahead… See What Happens

In what is described as the perfect Valentine’s Day gift, New York’s Bronx Zoo is offering the chance to name a Madagascar hissing cockroach after that special someone in your life. “Flowers wilt. Chocolates melt. Roaches are forever,” the zoo … Continue reading

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18 Days in Egypt

Al-Jazeera has a fine vidoe describing these last very remarkable 18 days which changed Egypts history from an oligarchy to a Democracy. It’s worth viewing. Al Jazeera’s Tarek Bazley takes a look back at the 18 days that shook Egypt … Continue reading

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Paul Wasn’t A Misogynist when He Wrote About Silent Women in the Church

There’s a new op-ed by Joe Lunceford over at Bible and Interpretation that discusses this delightful (and yet frequently misunderstood) topic. Isn’t it the “clear teaching of Scripture” teaches that women should keep silent in the church? In a word, … Continue reading

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Get A Life… Geez

Who thought we would all live to see the day when the shape of a Pepsi can would, or even could, stir controversy.  Well welcome to bizarro-world. Diet Pepsi has introduced a new “skinny” can for Fashion Week, but some … Continue reading

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Lazy Kids, Also Known as Cheaters

Via Jim Linville– No commentary necessary…

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Another Perverted Prof

Your tuition dollars and tax dollars (in Maine) paid for this little example of depraved perversity. A tenured economics professor at Colby College was forced to resign late last month after allegations surfaced that he set up a hidden surveillance … Continue reading

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Celebrating 25 Years of Ministry…

At a burlesque?  Only an Anglican (or Episcopalian) should act like that, not a Catholic … Father Michael Seed, who helped to convert Tony Blair to Catholicism, marked his 25 years as a priest with a mass at the Church … Continue reading

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Too Cool Not to Share…

Via the Egyptologists for Egypt Facebook Group-

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Exultate Jubilate: There’s Real Joy Sweeping Across the Middle East

NPR has one of the best photos so far. Let’s all hope it continues, and spreads.  And even reaches the Palestinians.

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Conference Announcement: The Dead Sea Scrolls and the Letters of Paul

Les manuscrits de la mer Morte et la littérature paulinienne — The Dead Sea Scrolls and Pauline Literature  —-  Colloque International, Metz, 14-16 juin 2011 — International Colloquium, Metz, june 14-16, 2011 Comité organisateur | Organizing Committee: http://www.qumran.fr/comitee.html Argumentaire | … Continue reading

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A Picture is Worth 10,000 Words Today in Egypt

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The Miracle of Egypt: Mubarak has Resigned and the Army is In Charge

Amazing! Egyptian VP announces Mubarak has resigned, delegated responsibilities to the Supreme Military Council. Thus NPR.  More soon no doubt- but in the meanwhile- watch the live stream from Al-Jazeera.  Or on CNN.  The rest of the Arab world must … Continue reading

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Postal Workers and Depravity

You know, lately I’ve felt badly for the Post Office.  They’re really under fire because so many people are using email instead of regular snail mail.  They’re loosing a gazillion dollars a year, and post offices are being closed all … Continue reading

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Part 15.  And Chris has, I think, gotten through page 18 of Campbell’s massive volume.  Chris is doing a brilliant job.  By the way, such detail would never be possible in a print journal or even on some book review … Continue reading

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Lady Gag(a-lot) Has a New Song…

You know me, I’m a pop culture watcher (because nothing says unintelligent depravity like 99% of pop culture) so of course I took note of the news that Lady Gag(a-lot) has a new song celebrating homosexuality as a born condition … Continue reading

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Most Misleading Headline of the Day Award Goes to…

The Huffington Post- for this grossly misleading little foray into misrepresentation: The Biblical Prophets and Israel Seeing that you’d expect an essay which actually mentioned in some detail the Prophets and Israel (either ancient or modern or both). Alas, you’ll … Continue reading

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The US Lacks Credibility

Michele Keleman’s report on Morning Edition is a fantastic look at the disastrous consequences of American impotence in Mid Eastern affairs.  Extremely interesting is this remark by one David Miller, which is just spot on: “We are neither admired, respected … Continue reading

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The Egyptian Army is Standing With Mubarak

Hopes that the Army would side with the protesters were misplaced.  NPR reports Egypt’s military threw its weight Friday behind President Hosni Mubarak’s plan to stay in office through September elections while protesters fanned out to the presidential palace in … Continue reading

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The Ultra Orthodox and the Muslim Brotherhood: Birds of a Feather?

Ha’aretz is asking the same question that others have been asking: is Jewish rhetoric any less dangerous than Muslim? The answer, in my estimation, is no, it isn’t. What do the Muslim Brotherhood and the ultra-Orthodox religious-right have in common? … Continue reading

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