The World’s Ghastliest New Publication…

And apparently it’s not even a hoax or a joke- though it should be.

For the past couple of days, we figured that the Tea Party Review, a new magazine billed as the “The first national magazine forby and about the Tea Party Movement,” was a clever Web hoax. It was something about that guy in the cover photo—his nearly fashionable workman’s cap, three-day beard, and rugged ruggedness—and a couple of those teasers seemed a bit off: “Paine, de Tocqueville, and Booker T. Washington” right above “The Year of the Black Conservative.” That flag, that wheat—it looked like it belonged at a Whole Foods checkout line in some weird parallel dimension. We like to think of ourselves as savvy customers, careful of our pride, and so we’re wary of being fooled by Internet jokes.  But reports seem to confirm that the magazine, which gets its official launch today at C.P.A.C., is the real thing.

It’s ghastly.  Thanks to James Spinti for the note.