Hell Hath No Fury: Yesha Callahan And Why She Publicized Chris Lee’s Craigslist Advert

Cover of "Joe Dirt"

Cover of Joe Dirt

The woman who met a married congressman on Craigslist tells her story: Yesha Callahan was shocked by Chris Lee’s deception.

What’s really shocking is that she was willing to use Craigslist to hook up. That’s like a man looking for his future wife at a Vegas brothel. At any rate, she was outraged at his duplicity. And she got even.

“I didn’t do this for the attention or, you know, notoriety or money or whatever,” a stunned Yesha Callahan told our colleague Lonnae O’Neal Parker. “Now I just want to go about my daily business.”  Callahan, 34, said she wrestled for weeks about what to do with the e-mails she swapped on Craigslist with Lee last month. He’d told her he was a 39-year-old divorced lobbyist with a son; she traced his e-mail address to his Facebook page, then discovered he was, in fact, a married, 46-year-old politician. Who does that? she wondered.

Well duh, a politician!

A faculty specialist for the University of Maryland and single mother of a preteen son, Callahan hashed over the e-mails with her social circle of young professionals. Lee’s deception was out of bounds, her friends agreed, and Callahan began to see this as a cautionary tale.

And an opportunity to put a man dog in his place.  She’ll teach him (not that he didn’t deserve the schooling).  But she wasn’t alone in the planning- she had help.

Her friends encouraged Callahan to go public.  “I’ve known about it for several weeks because she’s been trying to decide what to do for a while,” said blogger Danielle Belton. Belton knows Callahan socially, was in on the deliberations. “We were all like, ‘Come on!’ She probably would not have done anything with it. She is not someone who wants that kind of media attention.”  At a friend’s suggestion, Callahan reached out to Maureen O’Connor at the gossip website Gawker, which guaranteed her anonymity. After the story appeared and the New York representative resigned, Belton interviewed Callahan anonymously about what happened for the website theLoop21.com.

If he had just been some Joe Dirt they wouldn’t have said a thing and she would have just dumped him via email.  But fame attracts publicity like Congressmen collect pages.

The moral of the story?  Men (and women), don’t cheat.  It’s stupid and evil.  And be warned, if you do cheat, you can expect someone to take vengeance on you.  And sometimes people will try to beat God to it (because of their own god complex I suppose).

2 thoughts on “Hell Hath No Fury: Yesha Callahan And Why She Publicized Chris Lee’s Craigslist Advert

  1. Mark Stevens 10 Feb 2011 at 8:21 pm

    This stuff just doesn’t happen down under. what was this creep thinking? as if he thought he wouldn’t be recognised!?!?


    • Jim 10 Feb 2011 at 8:23 pm

      they so believe in their own superior intellect that they think no one will ever outsmart them … idiots


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