Farewell Mubarak?

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It seems his departure may well be closer than we thought.  But will his handing of power over to his CIA backed Vice President make Egyptians happy, or just the United States and Israel?  And can the VP hold things together and implement some reforms before elections in September?  And in September, will he simply assert his plan to stay in power no matter how the rigged elections turn out?

Life is filled with questions.  In the meanwhile, before we know their answers

The Supreme Council of Egyptian Armed Forces has met to discuss the ongoing protests against the government of Hosni Mubarak, the president.   In a statement entitled ‘Communique Number One’, televised on state television, the army said it had convened the meeting response to the current political turmoil, and that it would continue to convene such meetings.  Thurday’s meeting was chaired by Mohamed Tantawi, the defence minister, rather than Mubarak, who, as president, would normally have headed the meeting.  “Based on the responsibility of the armed forces and its commitment to protect the people and its keenness to protect the nation… and in support of the legitimate demands of the people [the army] will continue meeting on a continuous basis to examine measures to be taken to protect the nation and its gains and the ambitions of the great Egyptian people,” the statement.  The army’s statement was met with a roar of approval from protesters in Tahrir Square as vast crowds poured into the area.

It certainly sounds promising.  Stay tuned.

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One thought on “Farewell Mubarak?

  1. Paul D. 10 Feb 2011 at 9:33 pm

    The army has been the wildcard the whole time, and people who know Egypt well seem to be saying they’ll turn on Mubarek before they turn on civilians.

    I suspect that if Mubarek finally goes, it will be because the army told him to leave or else.


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