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A Sad Day for me…. (via συνεσταύρωμαι: living the crucified life)

Let’s see if we can help the guy out, shall we? I have to throw away a vast significant majority of my books…… some of you may or may not know, when we came to the canyon nearly 4 years … Continue reading

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AT&T Customers, Free Mobile to (any) Mobile

The Washington Post reports AT&T announced that it will offer free mobile-to-mobile calls to its customers, regardless of what network they’re calling.  In a deal similar to one already offered to Sprint customers, callers on AT&T’s network will not be … Continue reading

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Hell Hath No Fury: Yesha Callahan And Why She Publicized Chris Lee’s Craigslist Advert

The woman who met a married congressman on Craigslist tells her story: Yesha Callahan was shocked by Chris Lee’s deception. What’s really shocking is that she was willing to use Craigslist to hook up. That’s like a man looking for … Continue reading

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More Proof That They’re Even Doomed-er in Australia…

Because this is how they worship Under Down!

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More Proof that America is Doomed

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Quote of the Day

Praise songs are to hymns what greeting cards are to literature.  — Robert Cargill

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Mubarak’s Speech…

A transcript is available here, in case you didn’t watch it.  As speeches go, it was awful.  And the content was worse.  Egypt is in for harder times now. I have told you my determination that I will hold steadfast … Continue reading

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Rush Limbaugh is Historically Ignorant and a Big Fat Fake

If you don’t believe it, it’s just because you choose not to, not because there isn’t ample evidence of the fact. What the right won’t admit about Reagan: What happens when a caller confronts Rush Limbaugh with the Gipper’s actual … Continue reading

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Mubarak is Ceding Power to the Vice President

Egypt’s President will transfer powers to Vice President – al Arabiya citing trusted sources- from Reuters on Twitter. Update: Or not…. (The guy is more intransigent than anyone).

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I Must Be Getting Old, My Heart is Getting Soft…

I’m even liking Justin Bieber a little bit… because of the last line in his commercial. It made me laugh. Momma, is that you coming for me? Momma… what’s wrong, am I dying…???

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William Wrede Online

With thanks to Mark Goodacre for mentioning this: William Wrede’s classic Das Messiasgeheimnis in den Evangelien; Zugleich ein Beitrag zum Verständnis des Markusevangeliums (1901) is now available online at archive.org:  Das Messiasgeheimnis in den Evangelien As usual with archive.org, you can … Continue reading

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“Sweet Talking Ken”: Who’s In Charge Of Mattel These Days? (via The Book of Terrible)

What???? Who comes up with these really horribly short sighted ideas? First Barbie Video Girl was unleashed upon an unsuspecting populace who quickly voiced their fears the doll would be used to further pedophiles twisted agendas, now Mattel has another addition … Continue reading

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The World’s Ghastliest New Publication…

And apparently it’s not even a hoax or a joke- though it should be. For the past couple of days, we figured that the Tea Party Review, a new magazine billed as the “The first national magazine for, by and about the Tea Party … Continue reading

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Sollen homosexuelle Geistliche mit ihrem Partner im Pfarrhaus leben dürfen?

Via Ron Kubsch on FB, word of this essay by one of Germany’s foremost New Testament scholars and leading Churchman, Bishop Ulrich Wilckens. Im folgenden Beitrag antwortet der Geistliche auf den Anfang Februar bei evangelisch.de veröffentlichten Artikel “Bibelauslegung: Homosexualität – … Continue reading

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Would You Honor the Founder of a Hate Group? Well Some in Mississippi Want To

With a license plate commemorating the founder of the KKK. A fight is brewing in Mississippi over a proposal to issue specialty license plates honoring Confederate Gen. Nathan Bedford Forrest, who was an early leader of the Ku Klux Klan. … Continue reading

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Cambridge University and the 400th Anniversary of the KJV

Cambridge Celebrates 400 Years of the King James Bible Wednesday 27 April 2011, at the University Church, Cambridge The lectures are open to all. No registration or fee is required. 9.30 WELCOME 9.35 Professor Pauline Croft (Royal Holloway) — King … Continue reading

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Farewell Mubarak?

It seems his departure may well be closer than we thought.  But will his handing of power over to his CIA backed Vice President make Egyptians happy, or just the United States and Israel?  And can the VP hold things … Continue reading

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Don’t Believe Everything Wiki Leaks

As Raymond Learsy shows, sometimes it’s just the same old propaganda with a new face. The pleasure was surely visceral. If it’s in WikiLeaks, it’s got to be true. Certainly it was a moment of triumphal satisfaction for the Peak … Continue reading

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Byron Scott Breaks a Gasket…

Because his Cavs have now lost 26 in a row… and they’ve become the Near Emmaus of the NBA… poor guys…  Could there ever be anything more humiliating?

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Theological Bankruptcy and a Church Advert

This advert appears on a church website- We exist to create irresistible environments so that people who are far from God be filled with life in Christ. We meet at [deleted]. When you visit you’ll experience family worship, cutting edge … Continue reading

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