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A Sad Day for me…. (via συνεσταύρωμαι: living the crucified life)

Let’s see if we can help the guy out, shall we?

I have to throw away a vast significant majority of my books…… some of you may or may not know, when we came to the canyon nearly 4 years ago, we unknowingly moved into a mobile home (the church parsonage) that was filled with toxic mold.  we began getting sick right away but had no idea it was the mold.  we lived in that situation for a year and half, nearly two years before we realized the house was run over by toxic mold (we did a home tes … Read More

via συνεσταύρωμαι: living the crucified life


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AT&T Customers, Free Mobile to (any) Mobile

The Washington Post reports

AT&T announced that it will offer free mobile-to-mobile calls to its customers, regardless of what network they’re calling.  In a deal similar to one already offered to Sprint customers, callers on AT&T’s network will not be charged for calls made between cellular phones in the U.S. The offer is available to any customer with an unlimited messaging plan and a qualifying voice plan. AT&T unlimited message plans cost $20 per month.   “Existing customers with an unlimited messaging plan can activate Mobile to Any Mobile by visiting the company said in a press release.

Nice! On the way there now to activate.  I feel like I’ve won a new car on Oprah.  Except I don’t have to pay license, tags, and taxes…

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Hell Hath No Fury: Yesha Callahan And Why She Publicized Chris Lee’s Craigslist Advert

Cover of "Joe Dirt"

Cover of Joe Dirt

The woman who met a married congressman on Craigslist tells her story: Yesha Callahan was shocked by Chris Lee’s deception.

What’s really shocking is that she was willing to use Craigslist to hook up. That’s like a man looking for his future wife at a Vegas brothel. At any rate, she was outraged at his duplicity. And she got even.

“I didn’t do this for the attention or, you know, notoriety or money or whatever,” a stunned Yesha Callahan told our colleague Lonnae O’Neal Parker. “Now I just want to go about my daily business.”  Callahan, 34, said she wrestled for weeks about what to do with the e-mails she swapped on Craigslist with Lee last month. He’d told her he was a 39-year-old divorced lobbyist with a son; she traced his e-mail address to his Facebook page, then discovered he was, in fact, a married, 46-year-old politician. Who does that? she wondered.

Well duh, a politician!

A faculty specialist for the University of Maryland and single mother of a preteen son, Callahan hashed over the e-mails with her social circle of young professionals. Lee’s deception was out of bounds, her friends agreed, and Callahan began to see this as a cautionary tale.

And an opportunity to put a man dog in his place.  She’ll teach him (not that he didn’t deserve the schooling).  But she wasn’t alone in the planning- she had help.

Her friends encouraged Callahan to go public.  “I’ve known about it for several weeks because she’s been trying to decide what to do for a while,” said blogger Danielle Belton. Belton knows Callahan socially, was in on the deliberations. “We were all like, ‘Come on!’ She probably would not have done anything with it. She is not someone who wants that kind of media attention.”  At a friend’s suggestion, Callahan reached out to Maureen O’Connor at the gossip website Gawker, which guaranteed her anonymity. After the story appeared and the New York representative resigned, Belton interviewed Callahan anonymously about what happened for the website

If he had just been some Joe Dirt they wouldn’t have said a thing and she would have just dumped him via email.  But fame attracts publicity like Congressmen collect pages.

The moral of the story?  Men (and women), don’t cheat.  It’s stupid and evil.  And be warned, if you do cheat, you can expect someone to take vengeance on you.  And sometimes people will try to beat God to it (because of their own god complex I suppose).


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More Proof That They’re Even Doomed-er in Australia…

Because this is how they worship Under Down!


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More Proof that America is Doomed


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Quote of the Day

Praise songs are to hymns what greeting cards are to literature.  — Robert Cargill


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Mubarak’s Speech…

A transcript is available here, in case you didn’t watch it.  As speeches go, it was awful.  And the content was worse.  Egypt is in for harder times now.

I have told you my determination that I will hold steadfast to continue to take on my responsibility to protect the constitution and the rights of people until power is transferred to whomever the people choose during September, the upcoming September, and free and impartial elections that will be safeguarded by the freedom – the call for freedom.  This is the oath that I have taken before God and before you. And I will protect it and keep it until we reach – we take Egypt to the safety and security.

He’s not going anywhere…

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Rush Limbaugh is Historically Ignorant and a Big Fat Fake

If you don’t believe it, it’s just because you choose not to, not because there isn’t ample evidence of the fact.

What the right won’t admit about Reagan: What happens when a caller confronts Rush Limbaugh with the Gipper’s actual record?

Rush hits the mute button and runs of course. This lengthy snippet from Salon is worth repeating in full- it shows so plainly exactly what kind of person Limbaugh is and what happens when his screeners fail to weed out the few callers who aren’t actual sycophants:

Stark said that he couldn’t understand why conservatives idolize Ronald Reagan. He listed his reasons: “Instead of privatizing Social Security,” Stark said, “he raised taxes. We’re all paying higher taxes today out of our paychecks every single week because he decided to save Social Security.”

Talking over Limbaugh’s constant interruptions, he continued. “The Greenspan Commission. He signed it into law, and it raised taxes on Social Security.”

“What?” Limbaugh blustered. “Wait, you’re talking about Reagan or Clinton?”

“I’m talking about Reagan. Reagan did that. He raised taxes on Social Security. He negotiated with terrorists, sending — over and over again — arms to Iran in exchange for hostages.”

That would be the Iran-Contra scandal that probably would have ended in Reagan’s impeachment had he been a Democrat.

Stark went on: Reagan (humanely) gave amnesty to millions of undocumented aliens. When terrorists bombed U.S. Marine headquarters in Beirut, killing 283 Americans, he (wisely) pulled out of Lebanon’s civil war.

“He’s a tax-raiser, an amnesty-giver, a cut-and-runner, and he negotiated with terrorists,” Stark continued. “Why is he a hero to conservatives?”

Limbaugh was beside himself. “Where did you get this silly notion that Reagan raised taxes on Social Security? What websites do you read? Where did you pick that up?”

“Look up the Greenspan Commission,” Stark advised. “It’s not too hard to find. It’s a matter of history.”

He’s right. Reagan increased payroll taxes in 1983. History records that, alarmed by spiraling deficits, he signed tax increases during six of his eight years in office. Even so, his administration tripled the national debt, to almost $3 trillion.

Consistent with the GOP’s faith-based War on Arithmetic, his acolyte Dubya then redoubled the debt to $10.4 trillion, leaving a $1.4 trillion yearly deficit.

Note to the Tea Party: Had President Clinton’s tax policies remained in place since 2001, the national debt GOP politicians pretend to agonize over would no longer exist.

But Stark never got that far, because Limbaugh hit the mute button, then delivered a lengthy soliloquy about how liberals can’t be reasoned with, only defeated. Is there a bigger faker in American life?

No- there isn’t. Even Palin, Beck, and O’Reilly are less disingenuous than Limbaugh, who is the most contemptible person in America today.


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Mubarak is Ceding Power to the Vice President

Egypt’s President will transfer powers to Vice President – al Arabiya citing trusted sources- from Reuters on Twitter.

Update: Or not…. (The guy is more intransigent than anyone).


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I Must Be Getting Old, My Heart is Getting Soft…

I’m even liking Justin Bieber a little bit… because of the last line in his commercial. It made me laugh.

Momma, is that you coming for me? Momma… what’s wrong, am I dying…???


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William Wrede Online

With thanks to Mark Goodacre for mentioning this:

William Wrede’s classic Das Messiasgeheimnis in den Evangelien; Zugleich ein Beitrag zum Verständnis des Markusevangeliums (1901) is now available online at  Das Messiasgeheimnis in den Evangelien As usual with, you can download as PDF, read online in flipbook format and so on.   Also available on are Wrede’s Paulus and The Origin of the New Testament. The latter is also now available on Google Books in toto, including for download as a Google ebook, so you can even read it on your phone:  The Origin of the New Testament.

Of course you won’t want to read it on your Phone.  Phones are for talking people, look up the word phone!

Seriously, Wrede is must (w)reading for anyone doing work in the NT.


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“Sweet Talking Ken”: Who’s In Charge Of Mattel These Days? (via The Book of Terrible)

What???? Who comes up with these really horribly short sighted ideas?

"Sweet Talking Ken": Who's In Charge Of Mattel These Days? First Barbie Video Girl was unleashed upon an unsuspecting populace who quickly voiced their fears the doll would be used to further pedophiles twisted agendas, now Mattel has another addition to Barbie's increasingly crazy product line. He's always been a snappy dresser (though he does spend most of his time naked on a heap of outfits and plastic furniture) but now Ken is a smooth talker as well! Barbie Sweet Talking Ken is the Ultimate Boyfrien … Read More

via The Book of Terrible


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The World’s Ghastliest New Publication…

And apparently it’s not even a hoax or a joke- though it should be.

For the past couple of days, we figured that the Tea Party Review, a new magazine billed as the “The first national magazine forby and about the Tea Party Movement,” was a clever Web hoax. It was something about that guy in the cover photo—his nearly fashionable workman’s cap, three-day beard, and rugged ruggedness—and a couple of those teasers seemed a bit off: “Paine, de Tocqueville, and Booker T. Washington” right above “The Year of the Black Conservative.” That flag, that wheat—it looked like it belonged at a Whole Foods checkout line in some weird parallel dimension. We like to think of ourselves as savvy customers, careful of our pride, and so we’re wary of being fooled by Internet jokes.  But reports seem to confirm that the magazine, which gets its official launch today at C.P.A.C., is the real thing.

It’s ghastly.  Thanks to James Spinti for the note.

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Sollen homosexuelle Geistliche mit ihrem Partner im Pfarrhaus leben dürfen?

Via Ron Kubsch on FB, word of this essay by one of Germany’s foremost New Testament scholars and leading Churchman, Bishop Ulrich Wilckens.

Im folgenden Beitrag antwortet der Geistliche auf den Anfang Februar bei veröffentlichten Artikel “Bibelauslegung: Homosexualität – ein Gräuel?” des emeritierten Bochumer Alttestamentlers Jürgen Ebach. Wilckens wirft ihm einen “Bruch mit dem biblischen Verbot gleichgeschlechtlicher Praxis” vor.

In my estimation most interesting is this remark

Ist doch der Mensch nach dem Schöpfungsbericht in 1 Mose 1,27 als Mann und Frau geschaffen. Keiner gehört zuerst sich selbst und dann auch seinem Geschlechtspartner, sondern sie gehören zueinander. Und so ist auch für ihr sexuelles Zusammenleben allein die Ehe der angemessene Ort – nur so können und sollen sie Vater und Mutter von Kindern werden, wie Gott der Vater all seiner Menschen ist. In diesem Sinn ist jeglicher Sex außerhalb der Ehe Verkehrung der Natur – nämlich als der guten Ordnung der Schöpfung. Das lehrt der Zusammenhang und Hintergrund des Textes – ein flüchtiger Blick in das Lexikon unter “Natur” führt dagegen nur in lächerliche Irre.

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Would You Honor the Founder of a Hate Group? Well Some in Mississippi Want To

With a license plate commemorating the founder of the KKK.

A fight is brewing in Mississippi over a proposal to issue specialty license plates honoring Confederate Gen. Nathan Bedford Forrest, who was an early leader of the Ku Klux Klan.  The Mississippi Division of Sons of Confederate Veterans wants to sponsor a series of state-issued license plates to mark the 150th anniversary of the Civil War, which it calls the “War Between the States.” The group proposes a different design each year between now and 2015, with Forrest slated for 2014.  “Seriously?” state NAACP president Derrick Johnson said when he was told about the Forrest plate. “Wow.”

I’m with Mr Johnson.  Wow.  How can people be so dim?  What will the logo be, a black man being hung from a tree?  Seriously Mississippi, you can’t allow this.  It’s vile.  Next thing you know, Germany will be commemorating Hitler with a license plate with an oven on it (which is the same sort of thing those in MS want to do).

[Don’t worry, theologians, keep sleeping… you don’t need to pay attention to society, you have Aquinas to read…]

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Cambridge University and the 400th Anniversary of the KJV

Cambridge Celebrates 400 Years of the King James Bible
Wednesday 27 April 2011, at the University Church, Cambridge

The lectures are open to all. No registration or fee is required.


9.35 Professor Pauline Croft (Royal Holloway) — King James and his Bible: the historical context

10.35 BREAK

11.00 Professor William Horbury (Cambridge) — The Cambridge Contribution

12.00 Professor Brian Cummings (Sussex) — Words and the Word: How the Bible became literature

1.00 LUNCH (attendees make their own lunch arrangements)

2.30 Dr Scott Mandelbrote (Cambridge) –The ‘Authorizing’ of the KJB: Two Hundred Years of Success and Failure

3.30 Professor Mark Noll (Notre Dame) — ‘Isn’t this the book of the people?’: The KJB in America

4.30 BREAK

5.00 The Archbishop of Canterbury — Theology and the Task of Translation


For the conference website see


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Farewell Mubarak?

SHARM EL SHEIKH/EGYPT, 18MAY08 - Muhammad Hosn...

It seems his departure may well be closer than we thought.  But will his handing of power over to his CIA backed Vice President make Egyptians happy, or just the United States and Israel?  And can the VP hold things together and implement some reforms before elections in September?  And in September, will he simply assert his plan to stay in power no matter how the rigged elections turn out?

Life is filled with questions.  In the meanwhile, before we know their answers

The Supreme Council of Egyptian Armed Forces has met to discuss the ongoing protests against the government of Hosni Mubarak, the president.   In a statement entitled ‘Communique Number One’, televised on state television, the army said it had convened the meeting response to the current political turmoil, and that it would continue to convene such meetings.  Thurday’s meeting was chaired by Mohamed Tantawi, the defence minister, rather than Mubarak, who, as president, would normally have headed the meeting.  “Based on the responsibility of the armed forces and its commitment to protect the people and its keenness to protect the nation… and in support of the legitimate demands of the people [the army] will continue meeting on a continuous basis to examine measures to be taken to protect the nation and its gains and the ambitions of the great Egyptian people,” the statement.  The army’s statement was met with a roar of approval from protesters in Tahrir Square as vast crowds poured into the area.

It certainly sounds promising.  Stay tuned.

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Don’t Believe Everything Wiki Leaks

Kingdom Centre

As Raymond Learsy shows, sometimes it’s just the same old propaganda with a new face.

The pleasure was surely visceral. If it’s in WikiLeaks, it’s got to be true. Certainly it was a moment of triumphal satisfaction for the Peak Oil Pranksters. There it was in “cloud” black and white embedded in cables released by WikiLeaks and headlined by the the Guardian, “Saudi Arabia cannot pump enough oil to keep a lid on prices,” going on to report that in November 2007 the U.S. Consulate General, subsequent to a meeting in Riyadh with a former Saudi Aramco “oil executive,” cabled Washington that reserves of the world’s biggest oil exporter were being overstated by nearly 40%. Really?!  Firstly, how competent was this Saudi informant, Sadad al-Husseini, and on what basis was he authorized to speak? His credentials seem legitimate enough, but his message was curious to say the least.

Read the rest.  And then don’t worry so much.  We’ll run out of oil soon enough but by then the oil industry will have long abandoned their dead fields and found a new way to make loads of money.

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Byron Scott Breaks a Gasket…

Because his Cavs have now lost 26 in a row… and they’ve become the Near Emmaus of the NBA… poor guys…  Could there ever be anything more humiliating?

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Theological Bankruptcy and a Church Advert

This advert appears on a church website-

We exist to create irresistible environments so that people who are far from God be filled with life in Christ. We meet at [deleted]. When you visit you’ll experience family worship, cutting edge music, engaging video, live drama, powerful teaching, and a great cup of coffee. You’ll find the environment relevant, the dress casual, and the atmosphere electric… We desire to Love God, Love Others and Serve the World.

Things wrong-  1) churches that exist for any reason whatsoever besides the glorification of God have lost the plot.  2) Churches don’t fill people with life in Christ, Christ does.  3) The ‘me-ness’ of what ‘you’ll experience’ illustrates a ‘church’ which is utterly anthropocentric and utterly devoid of theocentricity.  4) The quest for ‘relevance’ by means of pandering to the slovenliness of people bears the marks of – again – anthropocentricity.  5) If they really desired to love God, others, and serve the world, God himself would be the center of focus and not the people they hope they can entice to attend.

Yet more and more Churches are just like this: all about mankind, nothing about God (except in passing so as to sound somewhat Christian).

Such churches are, let’s face it- ‘me churches’.


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