‘Give God a Chance’ – Vile Blasphemy

From time to time you hear people, even well meaning people, say ‘give God a chance’.  But this is theologically inappropriate talk at the very least and complete blasphemy at most.  Why?

Because God isn’t some sort of fad diet pill or weight loss program or tv show or some such thing that people try out for a little while and then dump when they grow disinterested.

Furthermore, it suggests that God is subject to OUR judgment.  ‘Try God out and if you don’t like him, you don’t need to trouble yourself with him.  If he doesn’t measure up to your lofty standards, pitch him like a used diaper’.

But I would submit that God is not under your microscope, you are under his.  If you want God in your life, you’re all in.  Not half in, not partially in.  And if you don’t want God in your life, off to hell with you.  Literally.

The choice is yours of course, but to demean the sacred name of God by suggesting that he’s just some trinket a dog can wring around in its mouth for a while till it gets bored is vile blasphemy.

2 thoughts on “‘Give God a Chance’ – Vile Blasphemy

  1. wken

    Someone who frequents my church has the bumper sticker “Try Jesus: If you don’t like him, the devil will always take you back.”

    I really hate that bumper sticker. Of all the stupid, pseudo-Christian marketing junk that appears on bumper stickers, that might be the worst.

    (Sorry about the double comments. Not sure what happened there in the middle of the first try.)


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