The Red Bull Made Me Do It

Just because no one wants to take responsibility for their actions.

Could sleep deprivation and a can of Red Bull really have contributed to murder? That’s the question a Pinellas County man is asking the court to consider in a case of family versus family. 83-year old Robert Coffeen was allegedly smothered to death at the hand of his son, Stephen Coffeen.  “I said you killed dad didn’t you?” recalled Thom.  Coffeen found the body during a strange conversation with his brother at their dad’s St Petersburg home.  “And so we’re out in the street and I say, ‘Is dad ok?’ He says, ‘Dad’s not who you think he is’, and he’s saying different things, and we’re walking down the street and he’s saying dad is evil.” said Coffeen.

Sure the Red Bull did it.  Or, he did it and he’s trying to blame something else.  But who made him drink the Bull anyway?  If he even did.

Talk about being full of bull…