From Floods to Fires: Australia Continues to Endure

The east of the country is under feet of water and the west of the country is dry as a bone.  Consequently, there have been fires.  And now they have become destructive.

Dozens of homes on the outskirts of the Western Australia capital Perth have been burnt to the ground by bush fires that are raging out of control. On the anniversary of the Feb 7 Black Saturday bush fires, which killed 173 people in the southern state of Victoria in 2009, hundreds of residents had been evacuated from their properties as fires advanced on the suburb of Roleystone, southeast of Perth. At least 40 homes had been destroyed by the fires and 19 had been partially damaged during the night, but as day broke firefighters warned that more properties were in direct danger of being engulfed.

It’s not been easy down under of late.  Praying folk should do so for them.