1 Killed, 11 Shot in Ohio at a Frat House

Picture of Youngstown State University's Jones...

Meanwhile, Texas wants colleges to allow students to arm themselves.  Here’s why they shouldn’t.

Authorities in northeast Ohio say a shooting at a fraternity house just north of the Youngstown State University campus killed one student and injured 11 people, including six students.  Youngstown police Lt. Franklin Palmer says the shooting happened during a party early Sunday and no arrests have been made, but police have at least one suspect.  The Mahoning County coroner’s office has identified the dead student as 25-year-old Jamail E. Johnson and says he was shot in the head and legs.

When you mix college kids (and their not yet fully developed alcohol fueled brains) and guns you’re simply begging for disaster to happen.    And it does, just as it did in Ohio.

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