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From Floods to Fires: Australia Continues to Endure

The east of the country is under feet of water and the west of the country is dry as a bone.  Consequently, there have been fires.  And now they have become destructive.

Dozens of homes on the outskirts of the Western Australia capital Perth have been burnt to the ground by bush fires that are raging out of control. On the anniversary of the Feb 7 Black Saturday bush fires, which killed 173 people in the southern state of Victoria in 2009, hundreds of residents had been evacuated from their properties as fires advanced on the suburb of Roleystone, southeast of Perth. At least 40 homes had been destroyed by the fires and 19 had been partially damaged during the night, but as day broke firefighters warned that more properties were in direct danger of being engulfed.

It’s not been easy down under of late.  Praying folk should do so for them.

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I’m Not An Expert in Entertainment…

Or in putting on shows.  But whoever put on the halftime show for this year’s Superbowl did a spectacularly horrible job.  And by that I mean, the singers.  They were simply atrocious.  The Black Eye Peas clearly should confine themselves to a dank and dark studio somewhere.  They clearly and obviously should never perform life.  Ever.  EVER.  They are awful.


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Afghan Barbarism and American Christianity

An Afghan who converted to Christianity is to be hanged for it.

An Afghan physiotherapist will be executed within three days for converting to Christianity. Said Musa, 45, has been held for eight months in a Kabul prison were he claims he has been tortured and sexually abused by inmates and guards. Mr Musa, who lost his left leg in a landmine explosion in the 1990s, has worked for the Red Cross for 15 years and helps to treat fellow amputees.


He was arrested in May last year as he attempted to seek asylum at the German embassy following a crackdown on Christians within Afghanistan. He claims he was visited by a judge who told him he would be hanged within days unless he converted back to Islam. But he remains defiant and said he would be willing to die for his faith. He told the Sunday Times: ‘My body is theirs to do what they want with. ‘Only God can decide if my spirit goes to hell.’ Defence lawyers have refused to represent him, while others have dropped the case after receiving death threats. Mr Musa was arrested after a TV station showed western men baptising Afghans during secret ceremonies.

Meanwhile, here in America, Churches are canceling their services so their precious members can watch the Superbowl.  Here we see quite clearly what happens in a place where Christianity is soul-less and self absorbed (America) and where being a Christian matters (Afghanistan).  One day maybe American and European Christians will wake from their slumber.



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Survey: Your Thoughts on the Bible and History (via The Musings of Thomas Verenna)

An interesting little series of polls.

These are a few polls I've put together for no reason other than to gauge the readership of my blog.   If you'd be so kind, please answer truthfully and honestly; in instances where I felt that many would choose a different option, I allowed for the ability to write in your own answers.  Please feel free to discuss the results of the polls and your opinions (if expressed) in the comments section of this post.  I'm just as curious to see the resul … Read More

via The Musings of Thomas Verenna

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If Bibliobloggers had a band… (via DR. JIM’S THINKING SHOP & TEA ROOM)


If Bibliobloggers had a band... First, a hat tip to our Conductor, Daniel O. McLellan, without whom all us chickens wouldn't know who should be in the top row! And we also need some recognition of the music industry's protector of family values… Jim West! [] So, here is the band! Drums: Neil Godfrey of Vridar 'cause he marches to the myth of his own drumming, or … Read More


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Another Quote of the Day

Before I translated the New Testament out of the Greek, all longed after it; when it was done, their longing lasted scarce four weeks. Then they desired the Books of Moses; when I had translated these, they had enough thereof in a short time. After that, they would have the Psalms; of these they were soon weary, and desired other books. So will it be with the Book of Ecclesiasticus, which they now long for, and about which I have taken great pains. All is acceptable until our giddy brains be satisfied; afterwards we let things lie, and seek after new. — Martin Luther

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Quote of the Day

The world will neither hold God for God, nor the devil for the devil. And if a man were left to himself, to do after his own kind and nature, he would willingly throw our Lord God out at the window; for the world regards God nothing at all, as the Psalm says: The wicked man saith in his heart, there is no God. —  Martin Luther

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Ronald Reagan Was No Saint, And He Needs to Be Remembered Correctly


Reagan’s policies are another example of how too many Christians are willing to abandon their theological center merely to embrace an illusion of wishful thinking.  People constantly talk about how devoted Reagan was as a Christian but his actions as President speak far louder than his words and the fact that his wife consulted astrologers demonstrates her own failure to abide by anything remotely Christian.

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Why The Church of England is Wrong

The Church of England is set to take on the new atheists.  And orders are coming from the top that they do.

The Church of England will this week vow to fight “new atheism” in an attempt to combat the rise of secularism and defend Christianity in Britain. Clergy are to be urged to be more vocal in countering the arguments put forward by a more hard-line group of atheists such as Richard Dawkins and Christopher Hitchens, who have campaigned for a less tolerant attitude towards religion. A report endorsed by Dr Rowan Williams, the Archbishop of Canterbury, warns that the Church faces a battle to prevent faith being seen as “a social problem” and says the next five years are set to be a period of “exceptional challenge”. It expresses concern that Christians are facing hostility at work and says the Church could lose its place at the centre of public life unless it challenges attempts to marginalise religious belief.

Let me explain in simple terms why this is wrong, and unnecessary:

1- Arguing with atheists is the same thing as arguing with fundamentalists: both are incapable of changing their minds. Religious fundamentalists are atheists and atheists are religious fundamentalists.

2- The church need not bow the knee to its detractors. If the gates of hell can’t prevail against the kingdom of God, the paltry atheists don’t stand a snowball’s chance. Hence it’s completely unnecessary for the Church to dialogue with atheism. The Church is monarch and atheism is the lowliest of peasants. One may well take note of the other, but the superior needn’t trouble itself with the inferior fleck of a flea.

3- Let the atheists wallow in their ignorance as long as they wish. You can never care more about a person than they care about themselves. If the atheists wish to live as animals, who are we to insist they stop?

C of E, preach the Gospel and let the seed fall where it will. Don’t fret so much about the seed that falls on rocks and in weeds and is eaten by the birds- instead, tend the seeds that grow and produce fruit.



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Pride Comes Before Destruction and a Haughty Spirit Before a Fall

Sarah Palin evidently doesn’t have much familiarity with that little verse from Proverbs.  Or she knows it and doesn’t care.

Sarah Palin and her daughter Bristol want to trademark their names – a legal action more typical of celebrity figures in sports, fashion, and entertainment. As well-paid “motivational speakers,” they’ve already made their mark. It’s been said by her critics and mockers that Sarah Palin has become a brand, peddling herself with well-paid speeches, books written with a lot of help from professional wordsmiths, her own “reality” TV show, and those little key chains trimmed with genuine “Mama Grizzly” fur. (OK, so we made up the bit about the key chains.) Now, it appears, Mrs. Palin – and her “Dancing with the Stars” daughter Bristol – really do want to be identified with a personal economic brand. They’ve applied to have their names trademarked. “Sarah Palin®” and “Bristol Palin®.”

Maybe next they can trademark the sun and moon too.  Nonetheless, she should be alerted to the fact that humility is more pleasing to God than arrogance and self promotion.  Palin could learn a few things from the Amish and quite frankly if she and her family became Amish, moved to Lancaster County, and got off the grid altogether, it really would be a blessing to the entire country.

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1 Killed, 11 Shot in Ohio at a Frat House

Picture of Youngstown State University's Jones...

Meanwhile, Texas wants colleges to allow students to arm themselves.  Here’s why they shouldn’t.

Authorities in northeast Ohio say a shooting at a fraternity house just north of the Youngstown State University campus killed one student and injured 11 people, including six students.  Youngstown police Lt. Franklin Palmer says the shooting happened during a party early Sunday and no arrests have been made, but police have at least one suspect.  The Mahoning County coroner’s office has identified the dead student as 25-year-old Jamail E. Johnson and says he was shot in the head and legs.

When you mix college kids (and their not yet fully developed alcohol fueled brains) and guns you’re simply begging for disaster to happen.    And it does, just as it did in Ohio.

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Today in Egypt

Egyptian Intelligence Director Omar Suleiman a...

Egypt's VP

Things are actually improving.  Banks are open.  Life is returning to some normalcy.  And most importantly, the various parties are talking and not throwing rocks or bullets.

Egypt’s vice president met a wide representation of major opposition groups for the first time Sunday and agreed to allow freedom of the press, to release those detained since anti-government protests began nearly two weeks and ago and to lift the country’s hated emergency laws when security permits.  Vice President Omar Suleiman endorsed a plan with the opposition to set up a committee of judiciary and political figures to study proposed constitutional amendments that would allow more candidates to run for president and impose term limits on the presidency, the state news agency reported. The committee was given until the first week of March to finish the tasks.  The regime also pledged not to harass those participating in the anti-government protests, which have drawn hundreds of thousands at the biggest rallies. The government also agreed not to hamper freedom of press and not to interfere with text messaging and Internet.

So good for the Egyptians.

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The Red Bull Made Me Do It

Just because no one wants to take responsibility for their actions.

Could sleep deprivation and a can of Red Bull really have contributed to murder? That’s the question a Pinellas County man is asking the court to consider in a case of family versus family. 83-year old Robert Coffeen was allegedly smothered to death at the hand of his son, Stephen Coffeen.  “I said you killed dad didn’t you?” recalled Thom.  Coffeen found the body during a strange conversation with his brother at their dad’s St Petersburg home.  “And so we’re out in the street and I say, ‘Is dad ok?’ He says, ‘Dad’s not who you think he is’, and he’s saying different things, and we’re walking down the street and he’s saying dad is evil.” said Coffeen.

Sure the Red Bull did it.  Or, he did it and he’s trying to blame something else.  But who made him drink the Bull anyway?  If he even did.

Talk about being full of bull…

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Lincoln Reexamined

The BBC has a new look at Abraham Lincoln that may raise an eyebrow or two.  Unfortunately you can only watch it if you’re in Britain. It’s a

Documentary re-assessing the reputation of Abraham Lincoln, often considered America’s greatest president but one who also had a dark side to his life and politics.

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