The Finest Theology of the New Testament Since Bultmann’s

Ferdinand Hahn’s Theologie (2 volumes) was first published in 2005 by JCB Mohr and it was very expensive.  Now a less expensive 2 volume (3rd revised) edition has been published and at 39 Euro for both it’s a steal.

I wish that there was some way to adequately describe the brilliance of presentation, the stunningly magnificent methodology employed, and the absolute thoroughness of these two books.  Everything is fair game, from the preaching of Jesus to Paul’s theology to the Catholic Epistles to the Old Testament as the bible of the early church to everything in between.  The synoptics’ theology are thoroughly treated and so is the theology of John.

The first volume focuses on the diversity of the New Testament texts and the second volume on the unity of the New Testament’s theology.

But don’t let those overarching categories mislead you.  Hahn is thoroughly familiar with the subject matter and isn’t foolish enough to suggest that the New Testament has a single theological message.

If you read German, you need to read these books.  As I suggested in the post title, it is the finest Theology of the New Testament since Bultmann’s.   And in many respects, it’s better because more complete.

Hahn’s teacher Bornkamm would have been very proud indeed of his student’s accomplishment.

If you’d like to read a review of the earlier second edition, Udo Schnelle has one.  And if you don’t read German but still want to know what Hahn has accomplished, there’s also a review in English by Jörg Frey, with whose conclusion I completely agree-

The two volumes by Hahn are a “must” for every biblical scholar or teacher occupied with the New Testament and its theology.

Even though Frey wrote that in 2007, it remains true in 2011 and the appearance of the 3rd revised (less expensive) edition makes it even more accessible and indispensable.

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  1. Yes! This is excellent stuff. Duke’s Kavin Rowe has published a nice overview of German NT theologies, in which he summarises Hahn’s contributions.


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