Scotland is the Place to be if You’re a Criminal. Seriously.


Because apparently there you can be convicted of crimes up to 30 times and still not go to jail.  Is that absurd or what?

Criminals are being successfully prosecuted for up to 40 offences before they are sent to prison thanks to Scotland’s “soft touch” justice system, Labour’s Holyrood leader has said. Iain Gray produced figures at First Minister’s Questions showing six offenders were sentenced to their first jail sentence last year despite having between 31 and 40 previous convictions. Thousands more were only given their first prison sentence after committing up to 30 crimes, according to the official statistics, which were obtained under the Freedom of Information Act.

And I thought our justice system was snivellingly weak willed. Scotland’s got us beat by a mile.  They must have people there like the spineless parents who warn their spoiled brat kids 30 times ‘if you don’t stop that, you’re going to time out… I mean it’…

If I ever snap, you’ll find me in Scotland.