Neither Hot Nor Cold… The Church at Laodicea Discovered?

Antonio Lombatti points out a news report that may interest a number of people:

An ancient church mentioned in the Bible has been discovered in western Turkey, according to the head of the excavation.  Culture and Tourism Minister Ertuğrul Günay visited the ancient city of Laodicea on Sunday in Denizli province and was briefed by Professor Celal Şimşek, head of the excavation team. The professor said they have discovered the Laodicea Church, one of the seven mentioned in the Bible. Şimşek said the church from the fourth century A.D. was found by underground radar search, a system they have tried this year for the first time. “The major part of the church, which is built on an area of 2,000 square meters, has kept its original [status].”

I need to go to Turkey.  I’ve never been there.  Greece, yes.  Egypt, of course.  Israel, a number of times.  But not Turkey.  I need to go to Turkey, to Laodicea.

4 thoughts on “Neither Hot Nor Cold… The Church at Laodicea Discovered?

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  3. I’ve been. To Ephesus. Totally different culture from what I expected (in Turkey, not Ephesus–which is just ruins, now). (Ephesus, not Turkey)

    Also, went to house that was supposed to be where Mary lived out her days after the events of the Gospels. The heck of it is, I was lost at the time, and just went because it was a tour my command had set it up for us sailors.

    It would probably be a totally different experience now, even just as a”touristy” thing.


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