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Britons Are Too Big For Their Ambulances

Some patients are getting so fat that ambulance bosses are having to revamp their fleets to cope, the BBC has learned.  Every service in the UK has started buying specialist equipment, data from freedom of information requests show.  This includes … Continue reading

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Goliath’s Skull Found in Holy Land! (via Remnant of Giants)

It looks like the folk digging at Safi have been beat to the big discovery punch. Sorry Aren. 😉 Mark kindly emailed me a link to Ben Witherington III’s blog post of 27 January 2011: ‘Finally, Archaeological Proof– Goliath Got Stoned’. In … Continue reading

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Pakistan: Fundamentalism and Insanity All in One Place

How desperate is the US for Pakistan’s allegiance that our government is willing to partner up with these barbarians? Human Rights Watch has called on the Pakistani government to release a teenager who has been charged under the country’s controversial … Continue reading

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The World’s Most Depraved Parents…

Words fail …

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Must One Be Totally Bereft of Brains and Sense to work for a President?

Apparently so.  Surely even the most deranged sycophant of the far right hawkish death lovers would have to admit that Bolton’s ideas are off the scale stupid.  On Fox’s ‘Hannity’ this exchange took place- HANNITY: Do you think that the … Continue reading

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The King James Bible at 400: Scripture, Statecraft, and the American Founding

That’s the title of a new essay by Bernard Levinson and Joshua Berman in the History Channel Magazine. The King James Bible is about to celebrate its 400th anniversary. While millions have sought spiritual and literary inspiration in it, an … Continue reading

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Speaking of Advocates of Death…

CNN has reported A shooting has been reported at an elementary school in Placerville, California, according to El Dorado County Schools.  “We have word that there has been a school shooting and Schnell Elementary School is on lockdown,” said Assistant … Continue reading

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Avalos the Evangelist

Joseph Tyson (no relation to Mike, though he does bite Avalos’ ear off that’s where the similarities end) has an op-ed addressing Hector Avalos’ hate-spiel concerning the Bible over at Bible and Interpretation which is worth reading.  Noteworthy is this … Continue reading

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Total Depravity: The Newly Released Con Who Raped and Robbed

A man who was recently released from prison is back behind bars, charged with robbery and rape.  Knoxville Police officers were called to a residence on Baker Avenue around 11:40 am on Tuesday.  The two women who lived there said … Continue reading

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Violence Against Antiquities…

I suppose because antiquities can’t fight back.  Whatever the mad reason these thugs have for attempting the destruction of ancient artifacts, none are sufficient to justify their evil. Petrol bombs were thrown in Cairo’s Tahrir Square on Wednesday, a Reuters … Continue reading

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the problem with “fun” youth groups (via XKV8R: The Official Blog of Dr. Robert R. Cargill)

Bob’s take on the topic I mentioned earlier is very much worth reading. My wife (a former youth minister) has said this repeatedly (screamed it in fact), but now national studies are supporting her experiences with evidence. Too many church … Continue reading

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He Really is the Biggest Loser

The Associated Press reports An Olympic champion wrestler has been serving a 1.5-pound hamburger at his Wyoming restaurant, even while competing to be “The Biggest Loser” on TV.  The mighty Rulon Burger at Rulon Gardner’s Burger Barn restaurant is so … Continue reading

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Fake Christians: The Latest Teen Craze

This is a very unsettling CNN report.  But those of us who have seen churches pander to kids just to get them to attend know all too well that as soon as they’ve had their fill of the gifts and … Continue reading

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Neither Hot Nor Cold… The Church at Laodicea Discovered?

Antonio Lombatti points out a news report that may interest a number of people: An ancient church mentioned in the Bible has been discovered in western Turkey, according to the head of the excavation.  Culture and Tourism Minister Ertuğrul Günay … Continue reading

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US Influence in the Middle East is Coming to an End

For a while now the US has been ever weaker in the Middle East.  Iraq will soon spurn us in favor of close relations with Iran; Israel is the most uncooperative ‘partner’ we have anywhere in the world; and now … Continue reading

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The Koch Brothers Reaped Huge Profits and Laid off Thousands…

No wonder they are members of the Tea Party- they’re greedy and self absorbed, caring nothing for their employees and everything for their money. David and Charles Koch, co-owners of Koch Industries and primary financiers of the Tea Party, have … Continue reading

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The Egyptian Army is Stepping In

The Egyptian army has called for protesters rallying for a ninth day against President Hosni Mubarak’s regime to go home and “return to normal life.”  In a call for protesters to leave the streets, Ismail Etman, a military spokesman said … Continue reading

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Congratulations to Eugene Ulrich!

Prof. Ulrich has been honored, again, and rightly so, with an NEH Fellowship- Notre Dame theology professor Eugene Ulrich received a fellowship this year in Ancient Languages to pursue his book, “The Bible in Light of the Dead Sea Scrolls,” … Continue reading

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