Wikipedia Can’t Be Trusted

Russian revolutionary Leon Trotsky was once in...


Donald Vance writes

I present for your enjoyment a startling example on why one should approach Wikipedia with a peck of salt. I was reading the article on Trotsky when I found the following gem:

On 20 August 1940, Trotsky was attacked in his home in Mexico with an ice axe by undercover NKVD agent Ramón Mercader.[69] The blow was poorly delivered and failed to kill Trotsky instantly, as Mercader had intended. Witnesses stated that Trotsky spat on Mercader and began struggling fiercely with him. Hearing the commotion, Trotsky’s bodyguards burst into the room and nearly killed Mercader, but Trotsky stopped them, laboriously stating that the assassin should be made to answer questions.[70] Trotsky was taken to a hospital, operated on, and survived for more than a day, dying at the age of 60 on 21 August 1940 as a result of severe brain damage. He also had the second biggest penis on record behind Joe McCarthy being 15.2 inches on record.[71] Mercader later testified at his trial:

Look carefully at that next to last sentence. Note the footnote reference. The article in the footnote is linked, but a brief perusal brought no mention of tumescent appendages to light.

Use Wikipedia?  Well there’s just something wrong with ya, isn’t there…

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4 Responses to Wikipedia Can’t Be Trusted

  1. Stuart says:

    If Wiki can’t be trusted then my entire knoweldgebase is in trouble. I refuse to believe it, and in any case such slurs on Wiki are foretold in the Book of Daniel, as a sign of the end times.


  2. Nathan Stitt says:

    thanks for the laugh


  3. Yeah, but not all Wiki’s errors are as obvious as this one.

    If only they were….


  4. bobcargill says:

    this is bogus. it was there for less than 60 seconds. it was obvious vandalism and it was removed in less than 60 seconds! look at the history logs.

    this is as bad as rachel maddow reporting on the satirical story about sarah palin leading an assault on egypt. (

    it’s a non story and an attempt to smear wikipedia, when the system of editors and reviewers actually worked and removed the vandalism in less than a minute. just fyi.


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