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You Love Me, and Want to Show It…

So with Valentine’s Day here nearly there’s just time for you to get me something from my wishlist…. Go, now.  Get.

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Fun Facts From Church History…

Did you know that John Calvin was a sickly man his whole life, that he suffered a number of maladies including TB and heart problems along with malaria, and that he also endured kidney stones? On one occasion, he passed … Continue reading

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US Mideast Policy is a Ship Without a Sail or a Rudder

A fascinating essay in Al-Jazeera makes that general point explicit. In the midst of the startling and compelling events taking place in the Middle East since the advent of Tunisia’s ongoing “jasmine revolution”, with people taking to the streets in … Continue reading

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Why Is Australia Under Siege?

Because Mark Stevens joined a group blog…

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Fox Maps Mocked

By the Huffington Post.  Priceless.

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Wow, Google Art Project, Wow!

This looks really awesome and tremendously useful.  With thanks to Chuck Jones on FB for pointing it out. Explore museums from around the world, discover and view hundreds of artworks at incredible zoom levels, and even create and share your … Continue reading

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Something’s Wrong With the Johnston Family

Normal families don’t produce several children happy to strip for the public. But lack of morals has already been demonstrated by older brother Levi, so younger sister is just joining the family business. Levi Johnston’s younger sister and Tripp’s aunt, … Continue reading

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Hell Can’t Burn Hot Enough For Some

It certainly can’t burn hot enough for this totally depraved incarnation of evil. A Swiss male social worker has confessed to abusing 114 children and disabled adults in care homes over three decades, prosecutors say.  The unnamed man, who worked … Continue reading

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Wikipedia Can’t Be Trusted

Donald Vance writes I present for your enjoyment a startling example on why one should approach Wikipedia with a peck of salt. I was reading the article on Trotsky when I found the following gem: On 20 August 1940, Trotsky … Continue reading

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Benjamin Netanyahu: The World’s Biggest Hypocrite

Bibi wants the world to ‘demand’ that Egypt’s new government (if and when there is one) keep its peace treaty with Israel intact.  What hypocrisy!  Israel has ignored UN mandate after UN mandate.  He has encouraged the expansion of settlements … Continue reading

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I Like Chik-Fil-A

And frankly I’m sick and tired of people on the extremes saying that if you disagree with THEIR position you’re anti – whatever.  If you don’t agree with Israeli policy, you’re an anti-semite.  If you disagree with gay marriage, you’re … Continue reading

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Total Depravity: The Bullying Thug Hoodlums Edition

A 13-year-old victim of a bullying attack in Upper Darby, Pa., tells Fox 29 how he was jumped by seven other teens – and how a woman saved him.   On January 11, Nadin Khoury was walking home from school when … Continue reading

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Can’t Manage Your Stool? Then You’re Out of School…

“Parents typically have a checklist of questions they want answered when enrolling their toddlers in preschool. Here’s a new one to add: “What happens if my kid doesn’t make it to the toilet on time?” Zoe Rosso, 3, recently was … Continue reading

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Neil Silberman isn’t a Fan of Hawass…

Unless I am misreading him when he writes Zahi Hawass, the bombastic, clownish pseudo-archaeologist who has tyrannized, bullied, and manipulated Egyptologists and Egyptian villagers alike for years now, today officially accepted President Hosni Mubarak’s appointment as Minister of State for Antiquities … Continue reading

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Alex Joffe on Antiquities and Mob Violence

Alexander has written an interesting essay for the Wall Street Journal on the problem of antiquities being housed in unsecure locations where mobs can loot and destroy them. The [recent events is Egypt] make Mr. Hawass‘s quest to return all … Continue reading

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The Jerusalem ‘UFO’

It looks to me like some Ark hunters are buzzing around thinking that the Dome of the Rock is the Ark of Noah. I know, it seems ridiculous, but that’s how those unhinged people are- they see the Ark everywhere … Continue reading

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Pakistan’s Christians Under Threat

Christians in Pakistan are more and more feeling the pressure of rising Islamic radicalism, as Al-Jazeera reports. Pakistan’s blasphemy law has been in the spotlight since November, when a court sentenced to death a Christian woman for insulting Islam.  The … Continue reading

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The January 2011 Biblical Studies Carnival

Welcome to the Carnival!  Here we’ve rounded up the best of the best posts from as many biblioblogs as possible.  That’s right- this month it’s a Rodeo Themed Carnival!  Enjoy! Hebrew Bible Barn Rob posted a response to someone named … Continue reading

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