Resurrecting This Blog (via Earliest Christianity)

James Crossley, back from the dead? But I thought he didn’t believe in resurrection…. And yet, here he is… Believe, you unbelievers!

Some guy I’ve never heard of writes

My plan is to resume blogging on a regular basis in the very near future.  Life has normalized to the point that I’ll actually have the time for this.  Look for some new posts within the next week! … Read More

via Earliest Christianity

I’m sure he’s a nice kid.  Probably worth reading…

2 thoughts on “Resurrecting This Blog (via Earliest Christianity)

  1. Nope, it’s not James Crossley’s blog. It’s just mine. I think his blog was Earliest Christian History, a fact that someone brought to my attention about a week after I started blogging. The name similarity is purely coincidental.

    But thanks for the mention… I couldn’t figure out from where all the hits to my relatively obscure blog were coming.


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