‘I Want a Gun’… So He’s Going to Sue his School to Have One

One Aaron Tribble wants a gun in his University apartment.  The 36 year old (!) student thinks his ‘rights’ are being violated.

A University of Idaho law student claims his Second and Fourteenth Amendment rights are being infringed upon because he is not allowed to keep his gun in his university apartment.  So now, 36-year-old Aaron Tribble is suing the school.  According to the University of Idaho Argonaut, the school’s administrative manual contains a chapter that states “…persons residing in University of Idaho-operated housing, including Residence Halls and Apartments, firearm storage is available at the Police Campus Substation.”  Tribble, who could not be reached for comment, will represent himself in court.

What, he didn’t read the rules before he signed up for school there?  Suit happy Americans.  Drink hot coffee and burn your lip?  Sue.  Want a gun in your college apartment?  Sue.  Feel like Glee should focus more on singing and less on Kurt?  Sue!