Baptism Lite (via Faith in Hand)

Oh come on! Baptism without much reference to Christianity just to attract the non-religous????? What the DEVIL is the Anglican church thinking??????? That’s INSANE!

Baptism Lite Another perfectly good reason as to why we now (mercifully) have the Ordinariate:Anglican church offers ‘baptism lite’ to attract non-worshippers…Church of England baptism services may be re-written to remove some references to Christianity.The plan for a new ‘baptism lite’ service designed to make christenings more interesting to non-churchgoers will be considered next month by the Church’s parliament, the General Synod.Supporters say the bapt … Read More

via Faith in Hand

There’s only one person who can rightly address the ignorance here displayed:

Thank you, good vicar. Please pay a visit to the Archbishop… He needs a dose of your sanity.

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  2. Maybe we could send the Governor of Alabama over the pond to explain that certain Christian rituals expect participants to be Christians themselves. You know, brothers and sisters in the family of God?


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