Lawnmower Races Can Induce Violence…?

Electric rotary lawn mower, with rear grass ca...

Not my mower- bags are for lazy people

Apparently so.  In New Zealand…

A lawnmower race in New Zealand erupted into a fight after one competitor rammed their ride-on mower into the side of another, The Southland Times reported Monday.   The incident happened in front of hundreds of spectators Saturday at a country fair, near Queenstown on the South Island, with stunned witnesses initially thinking the brawl was all part of the production.  “At first everyone thought it was a stunt or something that was being staged,” one spectator said.  “The race was over and a guy on quite a large machine shunted a guy on a smaller machine sideways.  “The guy on the smaller machine climbed up on to the bigger machine while it was still being shunted and started throwing punches.  “It was lucky the guys involved were wearing helmets.”

Good grief.  Why can’t we all just get along and mow our yards and race our mowers unmolested?

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