Pastor McGriff is a Con Woman

She has a long criminal record and is nothing more than a con artist.  The Dallas Morning News reports

The pastor, Sandy McGriff, dismisses what happened Friday as a big misunderstanding and a personal lapse in judgment. She says she actually was bravely protecting her former parishioner’s valuables from two other grinches.  But police aren’t buying it.  I’m having a hard time swallowing it, too.  And the public tends to think the pastor is lying through her teeth, if readers’ comments to our online news story are any indication.  “This woman is a total sham and a disgrace to God!” one reader declared.  “What a liar!!!” insisted another.


To make matters worse for McGriff, at least in the court of public opinion, the pastor has a checkered past that includes a fake name and a criminal record that includes a 35-year-old prostitution conviction. But the 52-year-old pastor of The Church of the Living God, a fledgling church with about 30 members who meet in the back of a Lancaster Road furniture store owned by McGriff’s husband, says she’s turned around her life. “Since 1988,” McGriff said, “I have walked the straight and narrow path.” One little voice on Christmas Eve, however – the one that nudged her to swing by Agnew’s house – has cast a shadow upon her personal story of redemption and salvation. Surrounding herself with furs to show the media that she had no reason to steal Agnew’s coats didn’t help, either. It looked like a cheap and desperate ploy, especially for a woman in her position.

Con artist, pure and simple.