I’m Boycotting ‘Near Emmaus’…

Because they’ve misrepresented Rudolf Karl Bultmann, portraying him as some sort of sourpuss based on one photo.  This is an outrage and simply won’t do.

In contrast to their slanderous and vicious attack, I offer some photos of Bultmann which are more according to his true (and not sour) disposition:

Bultmann was a naturally happy person who, unlike Barth, didn’t diddle his secretary and thus grin like a wild buffoon.  That photo of Barth, that was taken after he got back from a weekend at the Bergli doing some ‘writing’ with Charlotte v. K.

So, until the people wandering Near Emmaus offer a public apology for their unfounded attack, I shall boycott them.

I’m waiting…

17 thoughts on “I’m Boycotting ‘Near Emmaus’…

  1. The big B sure looks pretty sour in some of your photos, don’t you have any where he’s actually smiling or even (God forbid that a German Herr Dr Prof should do such a thing) laughing?


  2. Ahh Bultmann,

    He looks so freaking awesome!!! Every picture I see of him causes me to think,” Yes, the essence of a professor and a gentleman!”

    You shall be happy to know, Jim, that for Christmas my parents purchased me his complete NT Theology.


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  4. Yes, guys, it’s just his German and professorial disposition! And remember that Barth was actually a Swiss, and that all Swiss are lecherous buffoons who grin like idiots. You know, like Zwingli.


  5. He’d be way cooler if there was an extra “le” in his name minus an “n.” Then he’d be bulletman. Faster than a speeding scholar …


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