Total Depravity: The Pastor as Thief Edition

With thanks to Tom Verenna for pointing it out:

A Texas pastor caught by police with a laptop and fur coats said she was protecting the valuables, not stealing them from the home of a parishioner.  Sandy McGriff, cofounder of the Church of the Living God, told The Dallas Morning News on Monday that she “used poor judgment” when she entered a church member’s home through a broken window and removed valuable property.

Poor judgement?  Seriously?   That’s not poor judgement, ‘Pastor’, that’s depraved sinfulness.  Worse is the fact that instead of confessing and repenting, she’s defending herself and pretending innocence.  And still more worse (worser or worsest) is the fact that she had her photo taken with fur coats in the background and a Bible in the foreground!!!!

As though the Bible’s presence justifies her excuses or limits her liability.  This is no Pastor, this is a scammer; a wolf in sheep’s clothing.  A fleecer of the flock in more ways than one.

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I am a Pastor, and Lecturer in Church History and Biblical Studies at Ming Hua Theological College.
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5 Responses to Total Depravity: The Pastor as Thief Edition

  1. Thanks for making me spill my coffee over my laptop. Jim didnt you write that book on her table next to the bible…look closely 🙂


  2. Jim says:

    i dont see anything


  3. Doug says:

    I tracked down the video of her interview. Its full of self serving lies and deceit. She indirectly blames the victim, saying that she is “still there for her friend” as if her friend has a problem. She claims to be a pastor, but she is really leading people to hell. (At least those who follow).


  4. Neither wise as a serpent nor innocent as a dove, this one.

    The Didache folk and their restrictions seem ever smarter the older I get.


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