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Weather Underground: Lame, and Inaccurate

Blah to you Weather Underground.  Blah to you!  Your portrayal of our local weather is wretchedly wrong!  It’s not ‘overcast’, it’s snowing like crazy!

Blah to you.  If only you WERE right.

I Remain Terribly Popular, Here at the End of 2010, In the Former British Empire

And I’m even more popular in Brazil than you are anywhere….


[NB- See, snowy weather makes me even more snarky.  Don’t you think it’s your duty to pray for the immediate end of the snow and the  instantaneous clearing of the roads?  I do.  If not, well…. who can say what will happen next].

As Things Stand Now…

And that the results of ‘a few snow showers’ which only happened ‘intermittently’ throughout the day……..  Horror.

For No Particular Reason at All…

I mention my favorite weather website- Intellicast.com. They have a fantastic site, truly, with loads of tools and radar and a 10 day forecast as well as loads of other stuff. Best of all, any city in the world (virtually) is included. All you have to do is type in the city name and country.

I love weather related stuff. The fancy word is meteorology. It’s a hobby. I think if I weren’t doing what I am doing, and if I didn’t get my second choice and land a job as a CIA assassin, or my 3rd career choice of being a Grand Inquisitor for the Office of the Holy Inquisition, I would have gone with my fourth choice and would thus be working for NOAA.

When Children Die: A Note of Hope

Nothing’s worse than the death of a child.  Nothing.  So in connection with life’s worst tragedy, Zwingli remarks

No one is so incontrovertibly known to be among the elect as those children who finish their days while young.  For dying is just as much a sign of election in them as faith is in grown people.  And those who are unregenerate and have been rejected of God do not die in this condition of innocence, but are preserved by Divine Providence that their rejection may be made known by their wicked life.


Not Being Buried Alive: Another Reason I’m Glad I’m Going to the Body Farm

The Premature Burial

Being buried alive isn’t for me.  I’d die if I woke up in a coffin

A woman being prepared for burial gave funeral parlour workers quite a shock when she came to life inside her coffin.  Maria das Dores da Conceicao, 88, is currently hospitalised in the intensive care unit of the Municipal hospital which declared her officially dead a few days ago.  The Brazilian’s body movements and breathing, spotted in her coffin at a local funeral parlour, resulted in the coffin and body being rushed back to the hospital, where she is recovering in the intensive care ward.

Personally, I’d prefer to die in my sleep.  I have absolutely no interest at all in either being buried alive nor burned to death.  Come to think of it, I don’t want to drown either.  Or die in a fiery crash on land or air.  I’d also not like to be shot or stabbed.  Neither would I like to go with a massive heart attack or linger with some horrid cancer.

No, for me I choose a simple and stately passing- surrounded by loved ones, muttering words of final insight, and then seeing heaven and Jesus standing to welcome me home (with Zwingli and Calvin right next to him).  Then of course the fam can have the funeral home cart my carcass off to the body farm where they can do whatsoever they wish with my remains.

I’ve already put in my request re: method of death.  Of course, I’ve also prayed diligently that snow would cease here and that hasn’t worked out so well…

Yes We Should: It’s Time for the US to Recognize a Palestinian State

A top Israeli official says the United States may soon join other countries that have formally recognized an independent Palestinian state, if Tel Aviv continues to stall the peace process. Industry, Trade and Labor Minister Benjamin Ben-Eliezer declared Sunday that Israel’s very existence depends on the renewal of the Middle East negotiations. During a meeting with cabinet ministers on Sunday, Ben-Eliezer stressed that Israel should do “everything possible” to restart dialogue with Palestinians, even if it consists of a settlement freeze for just “a few months.” “I wouldn’t be surprised if within one year the whole world supports a Palestinian state, including the United States. Then we’ll ask where we were and what we were doing,” the senior official said. The warning comes a day after Ecuador joined four other South American countries to formally recognize Palestine as a free and independent state with 1967 borders. Earlier this month, Brazil, Argentina, Bolivia and Uruguay had done the same.

It’s fascinating to me that South American countries are wiser in this regard than we are. It’s time- past time- that the US recognize Palestine as a legitimate state with all the rights every State enjoys.

And while Israeli officials (and their Christian Zionist supporters) see this as something to be warned against, I see it as an absolutely desirable and essential declaration. The desire of some Israelis to keep talking and keep talking is nothing but a thinly veiled attempt to keep kicking the can down the road. The time for blather is over. They Israelis and the Palestinians have had 40 + years to get their act together. Since they can’t, the world needs to set Israeli wishes aside and do what’s right. And the 1967 pre-war borders are the perfect solution to all the boundary bickering.

The US has recognized the rights of gays to serve in the military.  It’s time for our government to recognize something even more important: the rights of Palestinians to a home unmolested by foreign intruders.

I Bet All that Snow’s Not Looking So Lovely Now…

Is it, snowphiliacs

A band of frigid weather was snaking up the East Coast on Sunday, promising blizzards and a foot of snow for New York City and New England, while several states made emergency declarations as the storm caused crashes and deaths on slick roads. Airlines grounded hundreds of flights Sunday along the Northeast corridor in anticipation of the storm. New York City-area airports alone canceled close to 1,000 flights. The Port Authority of New York and New Jersey said that number was expected to rise Sunday. Snow had started to fall in the area by late morning.

Yeah, enjoy it…  Enjoy that deluge of the devil’s dandruff….

Megiddo and History

Matthew Kalman has an interesting essay on Megiddo today.

In a groundbreaking new project, scholars are using the rich archaeological remains that soar more than 50 feet above the Jezreel Valley in northern Israel to synchronize the clocks of the ancient world and create the first definitive calendar of human history. …   The legendary Israeli archaeologist Yigael Yadin identified one impressive Iron Age gateway as the remains of a city built by Solomon in the 10th century B.C., but the current director of the excavation, Israel Finkelstein of Tel Aviv University, rocked the scholarly world when he declared the remains to be at least 100 years later. Finkelstein’s theory threw the traditional view of the Davidic and Solomonic kingdoms into disarray and cast doubt on whether the biblical giants had ever truly been “kings” at all.

Now Finkelstein, together with Tel Aviv University physicist Eli Piazetsky, is spearheading an international effort to settle the chronology once and for all. A scientific conference at Megiddo, “Synchronizing Clocks at Armageddon,” launched a project to analyze 10 separate Iron Age destruction layers using four state-of-the-art scientific techniques: radiocarbon dating, optical luminescence, archaeo-magnetism and rehydroxilation — a new method pioneered in Britain within the last two years.

Read it all.  Good stuff.

The Malls Are All Open…

For their after Christmas sales- but most churches are closed because of the smattering of snow.  Draw whatever conclusion you wish.

There are two full pages listing all the closings on the local news website.  This is just a fragment of one page.

Would You Marry Someone Young Enough to be Your Great Grand-daughter?

If you answer that question with a yes, you may be Hugh Hefner.

‘When I gave Crystal the ring, she burst into tears. This is the happiest Christmas weekend in memory,’ 84-year-old tweeted.

I bet she did… Anyway, here’s a fitting song brought to you by our friends at Glee.

Mexican Troops Killed a US Citizen, and then Covered it Up

Joseph Proctor told his girlfriend he was popping out to the convenience store in the quiet Mexican beach town where the couple had just moved, intending to start a new life. … The next morning, the 32-year-old New York native was dead inside his crashed van on a road outside Acapulco. He had multiple bullet wounds. An AR-15 rifle lay in his hands.  …  It took weeks of pressuring U.S. diplomats and congressmen for help, but she finally got an answer, which she shared with The Associated Press.  Three soldiers have been charged with killing her son. Two have been charged with planting the assault rifle in his hands and claiming falsely that he fired first, according to a Mexican Defense Department document sent to her through the U.S. Embassy in Mexico City.

Mexico… ‘Corruption and Murder‘ should be their national motto.  It isn’t just the drug dealers down there who are ruining the country- it’s the army too.

Are Any Equatorial Churches Looking For a Pastor?

Still more snow overnight…  Ughhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.