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Calvin: On Praying in Doubt

Even when in the midst of doubts, fears, and apprehensions, let us put forth our efforts in prayer, until we experience some consolation which may calm and bring contentment to our minds. Although distrust may shut the gate against our prayers, yet we must not allow ourselves to give way, whenever our hearts waver or are agitated with inquietude, but must persevere until faith finally come forth victorious from these conflicts. — John Calvin

Sigh…. Yet More Vile Snow

It just won’t stop…  2-3 inches expected tonight thanks to the dreaded ‘wrap around’ effect.  Oh snow… how I wish you stayed north.

Those Dutch Police Are on the Ball Against Total Depravity

Flag of the Duchy of Brabant

While commuters complain of disruptions caused by recent heavy snow, Dutch police have welcomed it as an unusual aid in catching illegal cannabis growers and other criminals.  “A clean roof amid others covered in snow is often an indication of the presence of attic growing lights for a cannabis plantation,” police spokesman Henri van Pinxteren of the south eastern Brabant region told AFP on Friday.  Police on patrol would list the addresses of homes with clean roofs for later inspection, he said.  “It often leads to arrests. This is a well-known tool for the police in winter,” Van Pinxteren said.

As regular readers of the Bible will know,

וּדְעוּ֙ חַטַּאתְכֶ֔ם אֲשֶׁ֥ר תִּמְצָ֖א אֶתְכֶֽם׃ (Num 32:23b).

You Know What’s Coming Next…

Alexa Internet

True Objective Knowledge indicating who's the best and who isn't. And guess what... you aren't!

All those idiotic ‘end of the year’ summaries of all the best and worst this and that- as if the compilers of such lists have sampled absolutely everything in each category and are competent to render judgement concerning how everyone else should view those things.

It’s the most annoying time of the year.

There’s only one legitimate way to determine what’s really the best- and that’s Alexa.  The higher the Alexa ranking, the more superior a thing is.

It’s really a shame that Alexa doesn’t rank everything.  Then we would really truly know the best and the worst of everything.  As things now stand, however, all we know is which biblio/theoblog is the best.  And the worst.

Kudos to the Pope For Putting the Smack Down on China’s Intolerance

Pope Benedict XVI in Munich, Divine Service in...

Pope Benedict XVI urged loyal Catholics in China and Iraq to have courage in the face of persecution and limits on their religious freedom, as the largest number of pilgrims in a decade flocked to celebrate Christmas in Bethlehem. Bombings in Nigeria and the Philippines left 11 dead and 11 injured, however, and Christians’ fears in Iraq also marred the Christmas festivities. Benedict’s traditional holiday speech highlighted the tensions between Beijing and the Vatican and the dangers facing minority Christians in Iraq, where militants have used violent attacks to try to drive them out of the country. “May the birth of the savior strengthen the spirit of faith, patience and courage of the faithful of the church in mainland China, that they may not lose heart through the limitations imposed on their freedom of religion and conscience but, persevering in fidelity to Christ and his church, may keep alive the flame of hope,” Benedict prayed.

Christians, it seems, are becoming more and more the object of disdain. So along with the Pope’s prayer I can gladly add my own Amen.

Our Semi-White Christmas

Here’s the view out my front basement door a bit ago, facing across the street.  It was, at the moment of the photo, lightly snowing and the temperature was 35 degrees.  That’s why the stuff isn’t sticking to the roads.

Curiously, down the road 10 miles there’s hardly a dusting on the roof tops and an hour away at the in-laws (from whence I just returned) they’ve not gotten even a dusting.

Snow doesn’t annoy me as much when it’s 35 degrees out.  The annoyance begins when the roads begin to cover.  That, that I don’t like at all.

If you’re having a fully white Christmas, enjoy.  And if you are blessed with a snow free Christmas, enjoy it more!

The Government Doesn’t Even Follow its own Embargo of Iran

Logo of the Taxpayer Advocacy Panel, a committ...

That's a laugh...

The Treasury Department has granted nearly 10,000 special licenses to American companies over the past decade so they could sell some types of products in Iran and other countries the U.S. considers terrorist sponsors, The New York Times reported Thursday.

Companies such as Kraft Food and Pepsi and some of the largest U.S. banks benefited, the newspaper said. Most licenses were granted under a law allowing trade in humanitarian goods, even if that ended up including products as diverse as cigarettes and chewing gum.

The story posted on the Times’ website implies no illegal activity by administration officials or company personnel. Rather, it suggests the various deals for goods ranging from Louisiana hot sauce to body-building supplements undermine America’s moral and diplomatic authority as the leading purveyor of tough sanctions on Iran, North Korea and other nations.

Typical.  The Government says one thing and urges everyone else to embargo Iran, but at the same time it allows American companies to do business with Iran.  All in quest of the almighty dollar.  Thanks, Treasury Department.  Now we have no credibility at all in the matter.  Small wonder Iran mocks us.

Spared The Brunt of the Wretched White Stuff…

It snowed overnight, but fortunately it never got below 35 degrees (which it is at present) and the temp is rising (to an anticipated high of 37).  The snow that fell is confined to grassy areas and the roads are completely clear, and it doesn’t look like much more is on the way.    So it’s a white Christmas on the grass and a black Christmas on the streets.  Yeehaw!

Merry Christmas!

Have a fine day!!