It’s Nice to Know that there’s Peace In Bethlehem

And the Associated Press has the very pleasant details, including, but not limited to,

The traditional birthplace of Jesus is celebrating its merriest Christmas in years, as tens of thousands of tourists thronged Bethlehem on Friday for the annual holiday festivities in this biblical West Bank town. Officials said the turnout was shaping up to be the largest since 2000. Unseasonably mild weather, a virtual halt in Israeli-Palestinian violence and a burgeoning economic revival in the West Bank all added to the holiday cheer.


Visitors entering the town must cross through a massive metal gate in the separation barrier Israel built between Jerusalem and Bethlehem during a wave of Palestinian attacks last decade.

Maybe one day the Bethlehem (West Bank) Wall will suffer the same fate as the Berlin Wall.  As it stands now, it’s a perfect symbol- along with the Ministry of Tourism signs on it – of the irony of life today.  Peace- with walls…

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4 thoughts on “It’s Nice to Know that there’s Peace In Bethlehem

  1. JP 24 Dec 2010 at 4:32 pm

    Indeed peace with walls, without them many innocent people would be killed by these Arabs. Many Christians in the West-Bank “disappeared” (i.e. killed) by these Arabs you always like to protect. In Bethlehem is “peace” because our brothers and sisters were persecuted and most of the rest of them has fled this city.


    • Jim 24 Dec 2010 at 5:25 pm

      the situation isnt just a one sided affair. israel too is responsible for violence.


  2. Joseph I. Lauer 26 Dec 2010 at 5:46 pm

    So, let’s see if I understand the equation.
    1. The Berlin Wall was erected to keep the people in East Germany and the Soviet bloc.
    The Berlin Wall was destroyed to allow the people to get out of the former East Germany and Soviet bloc.
    2. Israel’s security barrier was erected to keep murderers out of Israel.
    Israel’s security barrier should be destroyed to allow the murderers to get into Israel.
    3. QED?
    Most definitely NOT.
    And of course Israel is responsible for violence.
    It exists in a sea of hatred and constant attempts to destroy it and kill its Jewish citizens, fomented by Arabs and Muslims and some in other quarters.
    Self defense can be violent.
    In any event, a more revealing look at Bethlehem and the plight of the Christians in the Palestinian Authority, Gaza, and the rest of the Middle East is contained in “After Cleansing Bethlehem of Christians, PA Plays Jesus Card” (now “PA Claims Jesus was First Shaheed, Mary a Palestinian”) at


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