Dishonor in the Name of Honor

honour killings

I can’t comprehend this kind of ‘honor killing’. Can you? But of course I can’t imagine abusing any child or person much less my own. Can you?

When police came hunting for a 19-year-old woman they believed had been recruited by al-Qaida to be a suicide bomber in a town north of Baghdad, they found she was already dead: Slain by her father, who told police he strangled his daughter out of shame and then cut her throat. The killing of Shahlaa al-Anbaky, reported by police Friday, appeared to be from an unusual melding of motives — part to defend the family honor, part to prevent her from joining the militants. But how much of each weighed in her father’s mind remains unclear, with police still investigating the details.

And perhaps even more stunning-

So-called “honor killings” do take place in Iraq’s traditional, tribal society — though their extent is little measured, overshadowed by the political violence that has bloodied the country since the 2003 U.S.-led invasion. In such cases, a man is said to be trying to reclaim the family honor by killing a sister, daughter or mother if there’s a suspicion she has had improper relations with men outside the family. Courts and authorities sometimes turn a blind eye to such slayings.

That’s not the kind of society I would care to inhabit.  Have Christians ever done this? ‘When the Son of Man comes, will he find faith on earth?’ Maybe not much. But he sure will find plenty of mindless violence.

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One thought on “Dishonor in the Name of Honor

  1. Duane 25 Dec 2010 at 12:01 am

    I don’t know of any Christians have every done such things in the name of their faith or “honor ” Over the long course of their history, Christians were more likely to gratuitously kill Jews and Muslims than kill their own children based for some supposed reason. Of course, a few Christians have regularly abused children in other ways. “Honor killing” is an aspect of some Islamic traditions that is morally repugnant by any rational standards. Only faith, and certainly not all faith, could condone it. But of course, faith also allows some children in some Christian traditions to die without medical care.


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