Scott Thinks Joel has Hitched his Wagon to the Wrong Robertsonian Pot Mobile

And as much as I love Joel, I have to agree.  The whole notion that pot ought to be legalized goes against every ethical fiber in my being.  Pot is an illegal substance for a reason.  And I’ve had the misfortune in life of knowing a lot of pot-heads and not a single one of them has ever been a contributing member of society or half way responsible Christian witness.

Furthermore, finding oneself in agreement with Robertson means one has hitched his wagon to a person who has blubbered some of the most idiotic, sub-Christian foolhardiness in modern history.  As Scott very correctly observes-

As an aside Joel, you have to be very careful siding with someone like Robertson on anything because he is sure to make up for any moment of clarity with a hundred of insanity, therefore, you need titles like, “For some god-forsaken issue I find myself in agreement with PR on this one minute detail and nothing else.”  And regardless of any ‘sense’ he might make on one issue, the man should be forever ignored for the many terrible things he has said.

Is this really the kind of person one should look up to, about anything?