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The Dilettante of All Dilettantes in 2010

I’m ‘glad’ Gavin pointed this out- elsewise someone else would have received the dubious distinction of being named ‘Dilettante of all Dilettantes in 2010’ (and received a great big bucket of scorn with a side order of loathing and for dessert, a plate of disdain).  As Gavin remarks

… The Common Man’s Reference Bible (with apologies to all women, common or otherwise) consisting of the good ol’ KJV with added comments by some bloke called David Hoffman. The sample photograph [below is illustrative] (click to enlarge). … Just take a look at what the Hoff has to say about Santa! And all because of the KJV “ho, ho”in Zech. 2:6?

Congratulations, Mr Hoffman.  You’re the dilettante of all dilettantes in 2010.  You obviously, obviously know absolutely nothing whatsoever about the Bible that you should share with anyone.  In 2011, please, for the sake of people actually looking for accurate biblical exegesis, be quiet.

Bob Cargill Is (not) Enjoying Meeting Mark Driscoll…

Bob’s recently discovered the driscoll-ian ineptitude extends as far as the Targum!  Alas, Bob, bad news… Driscoll’s abilities are there exposed at their greatest!  And by that I mean, that’s actually the ‘best’ he manages…

Yes, you can commence weeping.

Ok Britain, Let’s Clean it Up

We can’t have any travel hindrances in two weeks when SOTS begins.  So let’s all put our shoulders to the wheel and our noses to the grindstone and get the place ready.

Congress, You Make me Sick

You can pad the pockets of the rich, no problem.  You can’t, though, extend the same kindness to the poorer.  No, they get unemployment benefits for 13 months, which is just over half the time the rich will continue to get their massive tax breaks.

You bail out banks but leave honest mortgage holders in the lurch.

You line lobbyists bank accounts but the 9/11 responders can’t get basic coverage for their illnesses.

And now, the DREAM Act has been axed.

Congress, you make me sick.  You care only for the rich and nothing for the rest.  Congress, you make me sick.  And you make me sick because you’re purely self centered.  Not just the Repubs, but the Dumb-ocrats too.  Each and every one of you cause me to wish to own a punching bag.

And so does the spineless White House.

Politicians make me vomit

Uh Oh, Kiwis…

This is strange


New Zealanders’ expanding waistlines are creating a weighty problem for funeral directors, who cannot fit cadavers in their crematories and have resorted to selling double burial plots, reports said Friday. Funeral Directors Association of New Zealand president Tony Garing said the size of the standard coffin had increased as obesity rates soared. “Caskets are getting wider to accommodate people, so it is the width that is the issue,” he told new agency NZPA, adding the standard coffin was now 58 centimetres (23 inches) at the shoulder, up from 48 centimetres.

It’s a sad state of affairs when being supersized is such a problem that it’s a problem even after you’re dead.

The Hypocrisy of Apple Inc.

Apple Inc. is a proud supporter of gay marriage. Not so much, it seems, a supporter of traditional marriage. They’ve censored an ap which promotes traditional marriage.

What’s wrong Steve, traditional marriage not chic enough for Apple? (Via Matt Crowe on FB).

It Sounds Clever and Catchy, But it’s Just Absurd and Idiotic

You are NOT, repeat NOT, the author of the Bible.  Unless you’re REALLY, REALLY old.  So while it might sound fun to present such an absurdity, it remains just that- an absurdity.  And the approach which is advocated in the volume discussed at the link above is simply the old ‘reader-response’ nonsense of years ago.

The reader may well impute meaning to texts and that meaning may or may not be an accurate reflection of the author’s intent (and no one with any sense can assert with a straight face that authors don’t intend something when they write), but to make the leap and then suggest that the reader becomes ‘author’ in any meaningful sense of the word is pure absurdity and an utter failure to comprehend the process and purpose of writing itself.

To prove that authors have a point in what they write, an intention, just read the post referenced and then insist that its author had nothing at all in mind…  The absurdity will leap out at you.

And if the authors of the post, or the book, don’t have a purpose, a point of view, an intention, then what they write is utterly meaningless and devoid of purpose.  It is this-

kkf wjei w ejidfsp efjwif wpo wef pwfowj epfjw jofk  wo4 wpe fs2349

A string of characters without aim or meaning.

No, you aren’t the author of the Bible.  You’re just a reader.  In spite of any insane, disconnected from reality, and unhinged claim to the contrary.

The Worst Case of Total Depravity I’ve Ever Encountered

This ‘mother’ is the absolute incarnation of Satan.

A mother has been arrested after a four year old girl was found stabbed to death with her heart and other organs cut out and strewn around her flat. The 35-year-old woman was allegedly sitting in a her kitchen chanting verses of the Koran as her daughter’s disembowelled corpse lay next to her. The little girl’s heart and other organs were found in different rooms around the flat in Clapton, east London.

I know what you mean...

Dear God…

Police suspect she she carried out the killing as a religious offering as she listened to the Muslim holy book on an MP3 player at full volume. The mother, who is understood to have two teenage children of 14 and 16, has since been sectioned under the Mental Health Act and is in a secure unit. The gruesome scene was discovered by the girl’s father when he arrived home to the flat on Thursday to find his partner clutching a kitchen knife. The man, believed to be a Muslim convert, dialled 999 and paramedics pronounced the girl dead at the scene. Police said next of kin have been informed.

She’s not simply nuts or crazy but utterly and completely evil. Utterly. Via Stephen Smuts who has some things of his own to say about it.

Augustine and the Reformation

A new essay in the latest Scottish Journal of Theology probes the connection between Augustine and the Reformation.  If you have a subscription, give it a read.  If not, here’s the abstract

The work of Alister McGrath and Julius Kostlin challenges the often-cited claim regarding Luther’s dependence on Augustine. The article demonstrates that such critics fail to recognise the rich diversity of the African father’s thought, but have been inclined to read it systematically the way the Roman Catholic interpretative tradition has. Text study of Augustine’s writings, as well as Luther’s comments about the African father, reveals that the Reformer’s insights about soteriology (including the externality and passivity of righteousness as well as other aspects of his dialectical thinking) are affirmed by Augustine. Likewise, even Luther’s critiques of Augustine lend insight into the Reformer’s appropriation of his thought. The article demonstrates that when Luther diverges from the African father the two men are addressing incompatible pastoral concerns, but when he is inspired by Augustine their pastoral contexts are similar. This insight sheds fresh light on the sense in which we can speak of an Augustinian character of the Reformation. The article’s findings also lend further credence to the possibility that there is a pattern to the use of Christian concepts in the history of the church, whereby, in similar contexts such as in response to perceived Pelagianism, Christians have pretty much responded similarly throughout the centuries.

Augustinian origins of the Reformation reconsidered

Total Depravity: The Couple who Murdered a Baby’s Mother

A California county sheriff said on Friday that a couple executed what he called a “cold, calculating plan” to lure a mother to their home, strangle her, then run off with her baby.   Merced County sheriff’s deputies Wednesday arrested Teresa Ceja Robles, 33, and her husband, Jose Augustine Velarde, 37, and charged them with murdering Ana Lila Diaz DeCeja inside their Planada house. The victim’s infant boy reunited with his surviving family members, including his father and grandmother, the following night — nine days after being abandoned in frigid conditions on a stranger’s front stoop.

Vile is the only word that fits this couple of totally depraved murderers.

Sheriff Mark Pazin told HLN’s “Nancy Grace” that the pair killed the 26-year-old woman because they wanted to have her two-month-old boy, a desire that began after Diaz let Robles hold the baby in a medical clinic shortly after his birth.  “That’s when she fell in love with the infant and had to have that baby,” Pazin said of Robles. “The only word I can use to categorize (their actions) is despicable. It’s just bizarre.”

Ok despicable works too along with vile.  Does California have capital punishment?  If so, this pair richly deserves it.

Smart Phone? Nah, Spy Phone

The Wall Street Journal is reporting

Few devices know more personal details about people than the smartphones in their pockets: phone numbers, current location, often the owner’s real name—even a unique ID number that can never be changed or turned off. These phones don’t keep secrets. They are sharing this personal data widely and regularly, a Wall Street Journal investigation has found.

Nice, right? Feeling smarter now that you know what your ‘smart’ phone is doing to you?

An examination of 101 popular smartphone “apps”—games and other software applications for iPhone and Android phones—showed that 56 transmitted the phone’s unique device ID to other companies without users’ awareness or consent. Forty-seven apps transmitted the phone’s location in some way. Five sent age, gender and other personal details to outsiders. The findings reveal the intrusive effort by online-tracking companies to gather personal data about people in order to flesh out detailed dossiers on them.

Should have known. I’m glad my phone is stupid. It makes calls, texts, and sends photos. And that’s it. I’m too smart to be duped by the ‘smart phone’ hype and I trust big business about as much as I trust the government.

Mexico: Now Worse than Somalia – With Thanks to American Drug Abusers

Coat of Arms of Ciudad Juarez

If I lived there I’d do whatever I had to do to get out of that killing field too, including crossing the desert and risking arrest in the United States.  Mexico means murder and senseless vile brutality, thanks in no small part to all the druggies in the United States.

Or to say it another way and perhaps more pointedly- American drug users are murderers– since they pay for the guns and bullets that drug lords in Mexico use to terrorize.  And they enable and indeed facilitate this kind of thing:

Gunmen killed a mother who had been protesting for three days in front of a governor’s office in northern Mexico to demand justice for her slain daughter, authorities said Friday.

The brutal killing of activist Marisela Escobedo Ortiz stunned people across Mexico, and a group of women angrily demanding justice gathered outside the state prosecutors’ office in this border city, where the victim’s daughter was killed.

Escobedo’s slaying “shows that in Mexico, it is the victim who suffers,” anti-crime activist Alejandro Marti said.

The uproar resulted in the suspension of three state judges who had ordered the freeing of the main suspect in the slaying of Escobedo Ortiz’s daughter – the same man who was identified as a chief suspect in the mother’s death.

The vicious nature of the killing – which was caught on a security camera and broadcast repeatedly on national television – added to the anger. The video shows masked men pull up in a car Thursday night in front of the governor’s office in Chihuahua city, the capital of Chihuahua state, where Ciudad Juarez is located.

Yes, druggies, pot heads, and assorted other destroyers of self- you also murder mothers.