In the Words of A.W. Pink

Those who preach the total depravity of man, who insist upon the imperative necessity of the new birth, who set forth the inflexible righteousness and holiness of God, and who warn against the Eternal and conscious torment awaiting every rejector of Christ, find it almost impossible to obtain a hearing.

Such preachers are regarded as puritanical pessimists, and are not wanted. In these degenerate times, the masses demand that which will soothe them in their sins and amuse them while they journey down the Broad Road. The multitude is affected with “itching ears” which crave novelty and that which is sensational.

They have ears which wish to be “tickled,” ears which eagerly drink in the songs of professional and unsaved soloists and [bands], ears which are well pleased with the vulgar slang of our modern evangelists.

Via Michael Acidri

3 thoughts on “In the Words of A.W. Pink

  1. But the question is also, are the men of God willing to pay the price, that men like Arthur Pink have chosen? The cost is ridicule and even scorn, from the main-body of the visible Church. How dare men stand and speak the absolute Gospel of God!


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