Roman Era Marble Statue Discovered in Ashkelon

A massive storm that battered the eastern Mediterranean caused the collapse of a cliff in the southern Israeli city of Ashkelon, revealing a rare Roman-era marble statue, officials said Wednesday. “The big storm earlier this week caused the cliff to collapse and a statue from Roman times was found by a passerby,” said Yoli Schwartz, spokeswoman for the Israel Antiquities Authority. The white marble statue of a woman, which weighs about 200 kilogrammes and stands 1.2 metres tall, has been removed from the site by the authority, which is studying it, she said. The statue was missing its head and arms, apparently from earlier damage, but had “delicately carved sandals,” Schwartz told AFP.

UPDATEFrance 24 has a photo.


Yigal Israel of the Israeli Antiquities Authority with the statue

UPDATE II: Here are some more photos via Joseph Lauer-

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