The Most Embarrassing Book Meme

Usually I hate these things but Mark Stevens has a good one this time- the most embarrassing book on your shelves meme.  Here’s mine.  But in my own defense 1) I didn’t buy it- it was sent to me to review.  And 2) it’s just about the most feckless dimwittery I’ve ever subjected myself to.  If anyone wants it, pay the postage and it’s yours.

Join in if you feel like it.  I’d be curious to see what rubbish others are polluting their offices with.

14 thoughts on “The Most Embarrassing Book Meme

  1. I am not an academic. So since I moved about years ago I give away almost all of my paper books once I am done. That leaves me just a handful of books. Most of the ones I still have are ones that are so bad I don’t want to give them to anyone. But I haven’t convinced myself to just throw them away either.


  2. I think there might be something by Dan Brown in the house. (Not my book, mind you.)


  3. You ought to see some of the book proposals we get here at Eisenbrauns! What is it about biblical studies that attracts those kinds of books???



  4. I may pay the postage just to have something that has touched the hands of the incomparable Jim West. Perhaps a bit of his aura may infect the book and pass on to me …


  5. I have too many to count or post. The little “why I left the ____ church” stuff and other elitist garbage I used to read.


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  10. I’ve got plenty – from Robert Price to all of NT Wright’s tomes, and then there’s The Critical Edition of Q – somehow I have three copies of that – plus all of the Q Documenta, and the rest… it’s all ‘inspiring’ – in a way – nevertheless…


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