Total Depravity: The Very Vicious Wisconsin Woman

A Wisconsin woman bit off half her husband’s tongue during a kiss and has been arrested, authorities said on Tuesday. The bitten piece of the husband’s tongue was recovered, and he was taken to a hospital following the incident late on Monday, Sheboygan, Wisconsin police said in a statement. The woman, 57, told emergency workers she had “bit her husband’s tongue off,” police said in a statement. She had blood on her clothing, they said. The 79-year-old victim said his wife bit his tongue while he was kissing her, police said. The woman was singing Christmas carols and blowing a New Year’s horn when police arrested her on charges of felony mayhem. She was being held pending formal charges by the District Attorney’s Office.

The moral? Never kiss a crazy loon 22 years younger than yourself.  I’ve had the misfortune of biting my own tongue (literally, and not just to keep myself from saying something) and it hurts like the devil!  Biting off someone else’s tongue?   That just takes a depth of depravity hard to find.  And it’s painful.  But not, I imagine, as painful as this…


Farewell, Elizabeth Edwards…

You were treated by your husband worse than you deserved to be and he didn’t deserve you. I always thought you a tremendously strong woman.  A true inspiration to many.

CNN reports Elizabeth Edwards, the wife of former Sen. John Edwards, has died after a battle with breast cancer, her family says.

This is how I’ll remember you…  the great mother who never shied from being true to herself.

‘Don’t Sell Property to Jews…’

Racists come in every religious form

What if some senseless prat said that?  Can you imagine the outcry?  And a justifiable outcry it would be- because it would be nothing but rank racism.

So why hasn’t there been an outcry in the aftermath of Israel’s chief rabbis telling Jews not to sell land to non-Jews?  Their attitude is racist.  So where’s the rage?

Three dozen top Israeli rabbis threw their support Tuesday behind a religious ruling barring Jews from selling or renting homes to non-Jews — an indication of growing radicalism within the rabbinical community at a time of mounting friction between Israeli Arabs and Jews.  The action by the clerics — chief rabbis in some of Israel’s largest cities and influential among the devout — fueled charges of racism.  The religious opinion first became a focus of controversy last year when the chief rabbi of Safed — a town in northern Israel that has a large concentration of devout Jews — urged that it be applied specifically to Arabs.

These rabbis are racists pure and simple and they deserve the scorn that every other racist deserves.  They are no better than the KKK or the Nazis or the Christian Fundamentalist hatemongers.  And no different than any of them either.  Racist rabbis.  What a shame.  Shame on them.  They’re the male version of Helen Thomas and not one splinter of difference exists between them and her.

Now You Tell Me, Who’s Worse? Julian Assange or DynCorp?

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Assange in being framed (yes, clearly) for supposedly raping women (who already confessed that they had sex with him willingly) while American taxpayers are funding Dyncorp who used that money to throw parties for Afghan pedophiles.  So you tell me who’s worse…  the execs and pervs in Afghanistan or the man who opened the window and let the light shine on their disgusting evil?

Many of DynCorp’s employees are ex-Green Berets and veterans of other elite units, and the company was commissioned by the US government to provide training for the Afghani police. According to most reports, over 95 percent of its $2 billion annual revenue comes from US taxpayers.  And in Kunduz province, according to the leaked cable, that money was flowing to drug dealers and pimps. Pimps of children, to be more precise. (The exact type of drug was never specified.)  Since this is Afghanistan, you probably already knew this wasn’t a kegger. Instead, this DynCorp soiree was a bacha bazi (“boy-play”) party, much like the ones uncovered earlier this year by Frontline.


For those that can’t or won’t click the link, bacha bazi is a pre-Islamic Afghan tradition that was banned by the Taliban. Bacha boys are eight- to15-years-old. They put on make-up, tie bells to their feet and slip into scanty women’s clothing, and then, to the whine of a harmonium and wailing vocals, they dance seductively to smoky roomfuls of leering older men.  After the show is over, their services are auctioned off to the highest bidder, who will sometimes purchase a boy outright. And by services, we mean anal sex: The State Department has called bacha bazi a “widespread, culturally accepted form of male rape.” (While it may be culturally accepted, it violates both Sharia law and Afghan civil code.)  For Pashtuns in the South of Afghanistan, there is no shame in having a little boy lover; on the contrary, it is a matter of pride. Those who can afford the most attractive boy are the players in their world, the OG’s of places like Kandahar and Khost. On the Frontline video, ridiculously macho warrior guys brag about their young boyfriends utterly without shame.

So go ahead and demonize Assange but in my world, he’s a far better person than the employees of DynCorp who threw the perv party and the totally depraved child rapists of Afghanistan.

So perhaps in the evil world of Realpolitik, in which there is apparently no moral compass US private contractors won’t smash to smithereens, it made sense for DynCorp to drug up some Pashtun police recruits and turn them loose on a bunch of little boys. But according to the leaked document, Atmar, the Afghani interior minister, was terrified this story would catch a reporter’s ear.

He should be afraid.  My idiot Congressman is going to hear an earful.  And DynCorp can expect a nasty letter too.  In fact, to both the US Congress and DynCorp I say


Your unwavering economic support of perversity in Afghanistan has earned you my unremitting contempt.  I long for the Judgment Day when God Almighty will measure back to you precisely the evil you have measured out in life.  And I pray those boys you turned into merchandise have the opportunity, at that exact moment, to have their hands on you when you are tossed into eternal damnation.

In the meanwhile, you can be certain that I will do everything I can to see that you face criminal charges for your part in this sickening episode of inhuman incivility.

With utter sincerity

Jim West

Sad News: The Death of John S. Bowden

Via Viv Rowett

Rev’d Dr J S Bowden, who had been ill for some time, died last night. He was a translator of many books in our field – and much, much more. His funeral will be held at 2 pm, Friday 17th December at All Saints, Highgate. Our sympathy is with his widow Rachel.

Very sad news indeed.  And if you don’t know the name, you probably have benefited from his work.  As Viv noted, he was an extraordinary translator.  He will be missed.

UPDATERobin Baird-Smith has a very nice obituary.

News Theologians and Biblical Scholars Can Use

old aspirin tins

Taking aspirin over a long period of time can substantially cut the risk of dying from a variety of cancers, according to a study showing that the benefit is independent of dose, gender, or smoking. It also found that the protective effect increases with age. The study is by Peter Rothwell, MD, PhD, FRCP, of John Radcliffe Hospital in Oxford, England, and colleagues, and has been published online by the journal the Lancet. A previous study by the same authors showed that low doses of aspirin (75-300 milligrams) reduced the number of cases of colorectal cancer by a quarter and deaths caused by the disease by more than a third. The latest study confirms the earlier results and concludes that similar effects can be shown for other types of cancers.

So go buy yourself a bottle of low dose aspirin and live long enough to attend the Annual SBL meeting in San Francisco (and beyond).  And buy your atheist friend a bottle too.  Maybe they will live long enough to come to their senses.

Haiti? What’s That?

Oh, THAT Haiti…  Gosh since it’s not on the front page anymore it’s hard to remember that people there are still suffering the effects of the earthquake and the cholera epidemic which has now, in case you don’t know it, killed 2000 people.  And rising.

I guess the network news broadcasts don’t have time to cover such little stories when they have WikiLeaks and Afghanistan’s corruption and tax breaks for the wealthiest Americans (while we continue to live – as a nation – well beyond our means- thanks Congress and White House!  You guys are AWESOME!) and sharks off Egypt’s coast or dead Hollywood publicists to discuss endlessly.

Haitian officials say more than 2,000 people have died of cholera since late October.  According to the official count, more than 91,700 people have been sickened by the disease.

Oh well…  Haiti doesn’t really matter does it?  After all, it has no oil or natural resources for the United States to ‘pillage’ by means of our lovely corporations like Halliburton and Exxon/Mobil.

Total Depravity: The Dad who Buried His Little Children

A father whose missing children are believed to be dead told investigators he buried one of his young children in Mississippi in March, then buried the other in Alabama in June, police said Monday.  John DeBlase, 27, of Mobile, was being held on $206,000 bond. He is charged with child abuse and corpse abuse. The children’s stepmother, Heather Leavell-Keaton, is jailed in Louisville, Ky. on child abuse charges. She will soon be extradited back to Alabama. The couple had been together since 2008 but they were not legally married.  Mobile police say Deblase has admitted burying his two children — 5-year-old Natalie and 3-year-old Chase — but claims Leavell-Keaton killed them. She is pointing the finger at him.

Killing little children….  Or allowing your live in to do it without stopping her by any means necessary, is yet another marker of total depravity.

Today With Zwingli: ‘On Those Who Cause Disturbances’

On 7 December Zwingli let fly a full frontal attack on the disturbers of Zurich – the ‘re-baptizers’ – who were motivated not by love of God but by lesser motives including pure hatred of the Pope.

Wer Ursache gebe zu Aufruhr appeared in 1524 at the commencement of the riotous debate between the Reformers and the troublemakers.  The book confronts two groups – those who thought they were being good Christians and yet who were disturbing the peace; and those who were ‘spiritualists’ – people who believed that their own ‘inner light’ was sufficient and who therefore needed no guidance from Scripture.  It is the latter in particular which Zwingli eviscerates.

Conrad Grebel, the former student of Zwingli was the ringleader of the Uproar Party and he drew Zwingli’s ire in particular.

Those who cause disturbances should realize that they have neither the Spirit they claim (since the Spirit doesn’t ‘cry out in the streets’) nor are they in the right to coerce the city to their view.  Change comes through incremental movements and not violence and disruptions.