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Good For Ireland!

A few moments after the Israeli air force drop...

The Irish government attempted to limit US weapons transfers to Israel after the Second Lebanon War, according to a document released by Wikileaks. A diplomatic cable sent from the US embassy in Ireland reveals that “the Irish Government has informally begun to place constraints on US military transits” at Shannon Airport. After the Second Lebanon War, the Irish government tried to prevent weapons from reaching Israel through Shannon Airport. The Irish Department of Transport required that any military equipment passing through the country required “prior notification” and “exemption waivers.” “The Transport Department notice followed upon the Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA) oral but definitive decision during the Lebanon conflict to forbid US military transits carrying munitions to Israel,” the document reads, “a policy that the DFA did not convey to [the US embassy] before informing the media.” The cable explains that this policy is due to the fact that “segments of the Irish public see the airport as a symbol of Irish complicity in perceived US wrongdoing in the Middle East.”

So good for Ireland for having a backbone and refusing to allow itself to be a conduit of US weapons in a war of aggression and expansion.

Helen Thomas Continues to Make Idiotic Comments

We all thought we were done hearing foolish things from Helen Thomas. Boy were we wrong.

Not only does Helen Thomas stand by the controversial comments about Israel that cost her a front-row White House briefing room seat—she’s going even further. During a speech at a Michigan workshop on anti-Arab bias, she said, “Congress, the White House and Hollywood, Wall Street are owned by the Zionists. No question, in my opinion. They put their money where their mouth is. … We’re being pushed into a wrong direction in every way.”

She’s so wrong.  It’s the Chinese who own America now, not the Zionists.

Quote of the Day

I can’t even hear you over the sound of my own disinterest. — Rachel West

Irrefutable Evidence that Twitter is Stupid

Or more exactly, seven pieces of irrefutable evidence that Twitter is stupid (as if the fact that Sarah Palin does it isn’t sufficient):

Looks Like the Palestinians Are Going to Let Israel Take Control…

And pay the price.

Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas has warned he may dissolve his self-rule government and ask Israel to resume full control of the West Bank if troubled peace talks fail.  Dismantling the Palestinian Authority would be a last resort, Abbas told Palestine TV in an interview broadcast late Friday. However, his comments marked the most explicit warning yet that he’s considering a step that could crush lingering hopes for a Mideast peace deal.  If Abbas were to take such a step, Israel, as a military occupier, would have to assume full responsibility again for 2.2 million Palestinians in the West Bank. Israel was relieved of that financial burden with the establishment of the Palestinian Authority in 1994, as part of interim peace deals.

If Israel wants the territory like it seems to, it has to support its inhabitants.  It’s an impressively clever move by Abbas.  Israel will pay.  Dearly.  Let’s just hope the UN doesn’t kick in any.  Though I suspect Israel will want a divorce shortly after the marriage to impoverishment.  Nothing makes you wish the relatives would get their own place like them moving in with you- and staying- and eating all your food and sleeping in your bed and using all your gas and everything else you have.  Yes, President Abbas- brilliant.

Way to Endanger Lives, Spanish Air Traffic Controllers

The coat of arms of Spain is supported by colu...

Behold, what selfish greed does-

The Spanish government has declared a State of Alert following a walkout by air traffic controllers, which has left at least 20,000 Britons stranded. … Hundreds of thousands of passengers were left stranded by the walkout, which came during one of Spain’s busiest weekends for travel. The Spanish government was holding crisis talks to try and force the air traffic controllers back to work, and police were gathering at the control centres in case the government decided to arrest the controllers. “If the situation doesn’t normalise, the government will declare a state of emergency,” said Alfredo Rubalcaba, deputy prime minister, ahead of a hastily assembled cabinet meeting in Madrid.

Absurd. And an utter disregard for anyone but self. The very definition of total depravity.

They Don’t Make Awesome Cartoons Anymore

When I was a kid I couldn’t wait to get up Saturday morning so I could watch all the awesome cartoons.  Bugs Bunny, The Roadrunner, all the greats (which now sadly have been replaced by the most witless and feckless commercials called cartoons).  That’s right, I said it.  Cartoons today are nothing but 30 minute commercials for some stupid product the little darlings don’t even need.

Oh for the days when cartoons were cool…

The World’s Most Awesome Anti-Alcohol Commercial

An animated squirrel slurs his words and bursts into song in a Russian ad campaign to cut alcoholism that has become an unexpected hit, viewed more than one million times on the Internet. The public service ad, mimicking the behaviour of a hard drinker, was commissioned by the health and social development ministry as part of its “healthy lifestyle programme”, a spokeswoman said Friday.

Afghanistan/ US Relations ‘Hurt’ By WikiLeaks…

Or so says an official in Afghanistan.  Aww… don’t worry- just ask for more money and that will make it all better.  That’s all you want from the United States anyway.  So just whine a bit and our feckless government will feel badly and toss you some more taxpayer cash (because they’d rather you have it than America’s own unemployed).

Afghanistan’s finance minister warned Saturday that the release of leaked U.S. diplomatic cables will hurt U.S.-Afghan relations, and he denied a report that he called President Hamid Karzai and “extremely weak man.” Afghan Finance Minister Omar Zakhilwal said it will no longer be “business as usual” between key Afghan ministers and U.S. Ambassador Karl Eikenberry.

Yes, the ‘Finance Minister’.  Not the Diplomatic Chief.  The Finance Minister- or as he should really be called, the guy with one hand stuck out to the US and the other stuck into the pocket of the Taliban.

You watch, American ‘aid’ will increase to Afghanistan.  WikiLeaks is a windfall for such nations.

What Caused the Israel Fire?

Police think it may have been something as simple as negligence.

The cause of the worst forest fire in Israel’s history is likely negligence, not arson, authorities said Saturday, as firefighters from around the world battled the blaze whipping through northern pine forests toward the Mediterranean. A spokesman for Israel’s police would not go into detail about the kind of negligence or explain why authorities were now leaning away from earlier suspicions of arson until further investigation had been carried out. By midday Saturday, firefighters still had not brought the blaze under control, said the spokesman, Micky Rosenfeld.

Carelessness! Behold, what carelessness can do

Call For Carnival-eers


Chris Tilling Singing...

Everyone loves them (even if they’d never admit it in polite company) which means that someone has to do them.  Them, of course, refers to the  monthly Biblical Studies Carnivals.

The Religion Bulletin did a bang up job on the first of this month and I want to thank them for already signing up to do the November Carnival next year.  That’s right, they’ve already signed up to do the Carnival going live December 1, 2011.

Joseph Kelly has the next one and then I’m doing the January Carnival (posting Feb 1).  Darrell Pursiful has signed up and we need other folks to as well.

Come on, pick a month. drop me a note or leave a comment.  First come, first choice.  Joel Watts needs to do one, as does Chris Tilling and Chris Brady;  Mark Goodacre ought to do one and so should Chris Heard.  Gavin Rumney, I’m looking right at you, and I’m glaring menacingly at Jim Linville, Stephen Smuts, and Robert Cargill.

There are plenty of brilliant bibliobloggers ought there.  We just need to have a little devotion to the task and take turns doing something both beneficial and appreciated.

Come to the front.  The altar call is over.  It’s time to repent your indolence, get off the sidelines, and get into the game.  Stop being a spectator.  Become a doer.