Recovery? Only for Wall Street – And Congress Fiddles While the Country Burns

The seal of the United States Department of Labor.

Regular Americans are still having a tough time finding work and the billions pumped into the economy have sure been of tremendous benefit- to businesses and stock holders.  God bless America…

Employment barely grew in November and the jobless rate unexpectedly hit a seven-month high, hardening views the Federal Reserve would stick to its $600 billion plan to shore up the fragile recovery. Nonfarm payrolls rose 39,000, with private hiring gaining only 50,000, a Labor Department said on Friday. However, data for September and October was revised to show 38,000 more jobs were gained in those months than previously estimated. The unemployment rate in November jumped to 9.8 percent, a troubling sign for an economy many had thought was strengthening. Economists had expected 140,000 new jobs last month with the jobless rate holding steady.

Meanwhile, at Congress

The House on Thursday gave final congressional approval to a bill that would prevent advertisers from abruptly raising the volume to catch the attention of viewers wandering off when regular programming is interrupted. The bill’s House sponsor, Rep. Anna Eshoo (D-CA) said it was her own “earsplitting experiences” that got her involved, recalling how the ads “blew us out of the house” when she watched television, already set at a high volume, with her parents. But she said her office also has gotten many messages of support and that at home people come up to her in restaurants and supermarkets to ask how the bill is doing.

Yes, God bless America, where our leaders have their priorities in as good a shape as the massa perditionis.


One thought on “Recovery? Only for Wall Street – And Congress Fiddles While the Country Burns

  1. Doug 3 Dec 2010 at 11:56 am

    If I were in charge, I would say, “use the mute button on your remote, next problem.” Really, this is a law in search of a problem. Weak minded politicians support this because it makes it seem like they are doing something positive and helpful, when fact they are doing nothing at all. In any event, TIVO and online viewing will make this a mute point soon.


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