Alexander Joffe on ‘Biblical Archaeology’

Alexander Joffe has a really interesting essay titled The Changing Place of Biblical Archaeology: Exceptionalism or Normal Science?, in Historical Biblical Archaeology and the Future – The New Pragmatism, (T.E. Levy, ed.). It’s found on pp. 328-348 and the volume is published by Equinox. (2010).

In this book, over 20 noted archaeologists and Biblical scholars join together to answer a wide range of questions that bear on future research such as: What are the most important issues in Biblical archaeology to be researched now and in the near future? Why are Biblical archaeology, the Bible, and Ancient Jewish history important in the curriculum of universities in the United States, Europe, the Middle East and other parts of the world today and in the future? How should graduate students be trained to be professionals in the interdependent fields of archaeology and Biblical studies in the future? Using their own research projects, these scholars show how their work can be used to build a foundation for future research in Biblical archaeology, Ancient Jewish history and the Biblical studies.

Joffe’s essay is thusly abstracted: