The Dilettantism of Robert Cornuke

Cornuke, the founder of one of the many dilettante biblical archaeology groups populating the religious landscape and suckering in the gullible who need proof for their faith or they fear it will be lost takes an absolute beating in a ‘review’ of his recent lecture in Colorado.

Avalon Manley is to be commended for her wise observations, including, but not limited to, this:

Cornuke, on the other hand, believes, as many do, that science and faith are inherently and persistently opposed. Theory is anathema to the way he has chosen to understand the world and scientific explanation little more than charlatanism. Now, I know nothing of the man’s character, and have no wish to disparage him personally. It’s entirely possible that he’s a wonderful, charitable person who seeks to better the world around him. His work, however, is backward and an immediate detriment to the work of real archaeologists all over the world. He makes himself out as some kind of Christian Indiana Jones and misuses and abuses archaeological interpretation and testing as well as the principles of basic logic. By ignoring international archaeological policy and sometimes the outright laws of international passage and interaction, he makes the world a much harder place for archaeologists who, per established methods, obey laws, respect cultural artifacts and attempt to be sensitive to their hosts in foreign lands. But I think the thing that bothered me most about Cornuke and his work was his treatment of the high school-aged kids that attended his talk. He said – and I’m not making this up – that when those kids grew up and went to college, the world would attack them with things like “philosophy” and “big words” and draw them away from their faith. He claimed most of them would never to return. He suggested that the entire realm of academia was designed as a direct affront to religion, and that scholars and all their science have nothing to offer, because some of their theories don’t fit with his worldview.

Such idiocy can only prosper when truth is abandoned and dilettantism is left to roam the earth like a ravenous lion devouring all those unguarded by actual biblical scholars, archaeologists, and theologians. And make no mistake, Cornuke and his ilk are devourers and nothing more. Deceivers peddling rubbish to the ignorant who sadly lap it up because professionals have abandoned them to inhabit their ivory towers.

Or in other words, the only reason Cornuke and his tribe get a hearing at all is because too many of you, actual experts, are too quiet.

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  1. Joe 30 Nov 2010 at 12:14 pm

    Unfortunately, he’s not alone all of the ark-aeologists fall into this realm you just described.that includes folks from China as well.


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