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The Denver Cheaters

It’s just a sign of the times that professionals feel the need to cheat and even can, somehow or other, justify it in their own minds.  But their self-justification doesn’t change the fact that they are nothing more than sleazy cheaters.

The NFL fined the Denver Broncos and their head coach, Josh McDaniels, $50,000 each on Saturday after the team voluntarily reported that a staff member had illegally videotaped a San Francisco 49ers practice in London in October. The Broncos fired video director Steve Scarnecchia and McDaniels apologized for the taping incident, which came three years after his former employer, the New England Patriots, were punished in a similar episode.

Seems like McDaniels has a history of cheating. And 50k is no fine for such persons. That’s like fining a normal person 100$. So essentially the NFL is embarrassed and is ‘punishing’ the guilty for the public’s sake only. A real fine would be to suspend the guilty parties without pay for a year. Maybe then the message would be clear enough- don’t cheat.

Written by Jim

27 Nov 2010 at 2:09 pm