A New Feature in Bible and Interpretation

During the ASOR Media Committee meeting one of the things we discussed with Paul Flesher (who is also on the committee) was the idea of a new feature on Bible and Interpretation where tv shows and movies related to the Bible and the archaeology of the ANE and the Levant might be reviewed and announced.  Mark Elliott has already got it up and running.  You can check it out here.

If you’ve seen something on TV that’s related to the themes indicated above, you are encouraged to send a review along to Mark Elliott for possible inclusion in B&I.  Mark’s address is melliott ‘at’ bibleinterp.com.  And if you hear about a special, let Mark know so that he can post it.

The larger media world is the source of most people’s information about the bible and archaeology.  The ASOR media committee is convinced that scholars of the Bible and archaeologists need to be involved in disseminating accurate information and correcting incorrect or downright misleading stuff by means of that larger media.

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