A Letter of Oecolampadius

To Somius, of Ulm, 10 February, 1527.—

“Beloved brother, it gives us great joy here to learn what things Christ works by your means, and through the instrumentality of his word at Ulm. The remembrance of our old friendship makes such news peculiarly refreshing to me.

We pray that he who has begun this work will perfect it: for Satan will not cease from his arts until he is entirely put down by the coming of the Lord.… Who would not be terrified at the diabolical machinations which are resorted to? But we have learned that trials are good for us—that the thoughts of man are vain—and that ‘cursed is he who maketh flesh his arm.’

The cross must either be borne (resolutely), or quite thrown off. Nothing is more fatal to the church of God than lukewarm ministers. In the mean time we must help one another by our mutual prayers, comfort one another by friendly letters, and communicate what the Spirit imparts to us.…

Our enemies are too violent to allow us to hope for peace; but the goodness of God is too great to permit us to despond.”

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