Conference Announcement and Call For Papers: The Hebrew Bible and Western Philosophy

The Shalem Center is sponsoring a conference and issuing a call for papers which is part of a larger project in “philosophical theology” in which two Christian institutions—the University of Notre Dame and the University of Innsbruck, Austria—will be conducting parallel investigations into the foundations of Christian philosophy.

In the context of this project, the department of Philosophy, Political Theory and Religion (PPR) at the Shalem Center in Jerusalem invites submissions for an interdisciplinary conference on “Philosophical Investigation of the Hebrew Scriptures, Talmud and Midrash,” to be held in Jerusalem on June 26-30, 2011. Please direct correspondence to Kate Deutsch,  An overview of the “Jewish Philosophical Theology” project at the Shalem Center is available here.  A Select Bibliography of relevant scholarship is available here.

If Hebrew Bible and philosophy are of interest to you (especially in their intersection) you might find this a quite worthwhile undertaking.

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