Probing the Secrets of the Dead Sea

Dead Sea at Dusk 2005. Taken by Nick Fraser.

In spite of the fact that it’s a science-y story, I found this report quite interesting.

From a barge floating above the deepest point on earth, a research team hopes to drill through half a million years of history to uncover secrets of climate change and natural disasters.  Boring into the bed of the Dead Sea, the group of engineers and scientists began extracting layers of the earth’s core on Sunday, and will continue for about two months until they reach a depth of 1,200 meters below sea level.  “The sediments of the Dead Sea are the best climate and earthquake recorders for the entire Middle East,” said project head Zvi Ben-Avraham of the Israel Academy of Sciences, standing at the water’s desert shore, which is already about 420 meters below sea level.

Fascinating.  Read the rest.  Maybe while they’re down there they’ll find Sodom and Gomorrah and Collins can give up his Quixotic Quest.

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