The Cam Newton Saga Just Keeps Degrading


The man at the center of the controversy involving the recruitment of Auburn quarterback Cam Newton on Thursday offered more details about the plan to sell Newton’s skills. In an interview with Dallas radio station KESN-FM, Kenny Rogers, a former Mississippi State football player, said he spoke with Newton’s father, Cecil, on Nov. 27, 2009, about how much money would be required to get Cam Newton to sign a letter of intent to play college football. According to Rogers, he was told by Cecil Newton Sr. it would cost a school “anywhere between $100,000 and $180,000” for a school to sign his son, who is considered the leading contender to win the Heisman Trophy this year. KESN-FM host Ian Fitzsimmons, who conducted the interview, asked Rogers if that amount was for Newton to play college football or to sign a letter of intent. “Basically to get his son,” said Rogers, who acknowledged he was involved with Cecil Newton only regarding Mississippi State.

That whole selling people thing… didn’t that end a century and a half ago?

Total Depravity: The Case of the Drunken Weapon Wielding Woman

Welcome to the Village of Gurnee

A Gurnee woman faces aggravated assault charges after she allegedly assaulted a police officer with a “a rigid feminine pleasure device” in the northern suburb. Carolee Bildsten, 56, allegedly ran out on her tab at Joe’s Crab Shack in Gurnee Tuesday night and the police were notified, TribLocal Gurnee reports. It was the second time she had left without paying her tab at the restaurant.


Carolee Bildsten, 56, allegedly ran out on her tab at Joe’s Crab Shack in Gurnee Tuesday night and the police were notified, TribLocal Gurnee reports. It was the second time she had left without paying her tab at the restaurant. Officers found the intoxicated Bildsten lying on the grass down the street and approached her, NBC Chicago reports. She told them her money was at home and she would pay the bill. NBC cites the police report to explain what happened after arriving at her apartment: “She walked into her bedroom. She said her money was in her dresser drawer and she opened it and reached inside and removed a “clear, rigid feminine pleasure device” and held it over her head and approached the officer in a threatening manner. The officer knocked the device out of the way prior to being struck and placed the woman under arrest. She was then escorted out of the residence, placed in the squad car and transported to the Gurnee Police.

Getting drunk makes you really stupid, friends. Or do people get drunk because they’re stupid? Both, probably.

Really Disturbing News

The fact that the pedophile sold 300 copies of his e-book on Amazon is really distressing.  That he vows to continue offering it and that he plans to do so through Amazon is even more distressing.

I’m with Joel on this one– if Amazon sells it, I’ll boycott and I’ll urge everyone I can to do likewise.

Greaves, a 47-year-old retired nurse’s aide in Pueblo, Colo., said Thursday that nearly 300 copies of his self-published e-book were sold on’s Kindle Store in the past day, prior to its disappearance from the site. He said he also received more than 3,000 complaints about the $4.79 e-book, which seeks to make “pedophile situations safer for those juveniles that find themselves involved in them,” according to the product description that was posted while the book was available for sale. Greaves, in an interview with on Thursday, said he does not promote pedophilia, but that it “is something that I have sympathy for because of my own childhood.” He said he was exposed to sex when he was 7 years old. “I was not molested, but I was exposed to sex at an early age … Sometimes those relationships are positive. No, I do not advocate pedophilia. I just feel that I understand it.”

I suppose he retired at 47 to devote himself full time to pedophilia and to teaching others how to groom and molest.  Isn’t it fascinating how freely the totally depraved defend their actions as acts of compassion or concern or whatever.

Vile. Putridly vile. Amazon, I promise you, if you reinstate his filth you’ll lose many, many customers.

Answering Your Letters

Writes William

Jim, I’ve seen on your blog that you’re going to ASOR.  How are you getting there?

Well William, I’m driving.  And here’s my route-

According to Yahoo maps, it should take 3 hours and 49 minutes.  Which means in fact, 3 hours.  Hope to see you there William.

Quote of the Day, and the British Museum

Via Dot King on Facebook this truly HORRIFYING remark…  Oh, oh, you’ll see what I mean momentarily…

Overheard — “I wanted to see Noah’s Ark” – tourist at British Museum

That sound you just heard? That was me plunging my forehead into my metal desk.

By the way and as an aside, I LOVE the BM.  It’s extraordinary.   The Tillings and I visited it a couple of years ago when I was in London to see them.  The pretty girl is Chris’s wife Anja, the nice looking man with the light shirt, that’s me.  The hideous guy who keeps hanging around, that’s Chris (Christopher) Tilling.  The git.   We went specifically to see the Ancient Babylon exhibition which was good but wherein we were not allowed to take photos.  Which sucked.

Conference Announcement: Why Does the Past Matter?

Via Neil Asher Silberman

The UMass Center for Heritage and Society, with the cooperation of the ICOMOS International Scientific Committee on Interpretation and Presentation (ICIP), is organizing an International Conference: Why Does the Past Matter? to be held at the University of Massachusetts Amherst May 4-7, 2011. For more information about the conference, including conference theme, bios of our 2011 honorees, and tentative program information, please visit: To submit an abstract or organized session, please visit:

To register, please visit: We hope that you will join us for what promises to be a provocative and memorable event. Please feel free to circulate this announcement to interested colleagues and students. If you would like to continue to receive news and updates about this conference and the Newsletter of the Center for Heritage and Society, please click on to register as a subscriber.

With Thanks and Best Regards.

Neil Silberman
ICOMOS-ICIP and The UMass Amherst Center for Heritage and Society

The Real Culprit: The SBL and AV Equipment Charges (via Scotteriology)

Scott’s tracked down what he calls ‘the real criminals’ in this sorry episode: the hotels! I say again, take your own projector friends!

Several bloggers online have been discussing the charges that the SBL is asking for concerning the upcoming conference in Atlanta: Jim here and here, Jeremy Thompson , and Roland ‘the best SBL title ever’ Boer. The matter concerns this email that was sent out to presenters for the conference: The SBL Annual Meeting in Atlanta is fast-approaching and we want to ensure that you have the AV equipment and support you need to enhance your presentation … Read More

via Scotteriology

An Informal Survey: Should the SBL Charge Presenters for Audio Visual Equipment?

The Blind Leading the Blind and Other McGrathian Posts

On Facebook James ‘the Sci-Fi Dude’ McGrath makes mention of a report about Hector Avalos from the newspaper of the Iowa college where Avalos is employed- making a living off of the Bible while simultaneously calling for its complete abandonment (which is rather like urging the sawing off of a limb on which you are sitting).  A better title for the essay than ‘an unlikely atheist teaches others’ would be ‘the blind leads the blind’.

McCheweyBacka also points (on Facebook) to a much more important and interesting report from CNN about the invitation offered Iraq’s Christians by the Kurds – ‘Come on up here!

Iraqi Christians under siege by Islamic militants are welcome in the country’s north, a Kurdish leader said Thursday, after a string of attacks that have killed dozens of the faith. “I want to let them know that the Kurdistan Region is open to them. If they want to come, we will protect them and provide them with all services,” said Massoud Barzani, president of the Kurdistan regional government. “We are extremely sorry for the crimes they have been subjected to and we condemn these criminal acts, they are innocent people and a precious part of this nation.”

That’s the sighted leading the sighted to peace.  Thank God for people like the Kurds.  They’re doing more for Iraq’s Christians than the United States is.

I mention these two reports together for a couple of reasons: 1) they’re both posted by McGrath on Facebook (that’s the lesser reason) and; 2) on the one hand the first demonstrates the absurdity of atheism and the second demonstrates humanity at its best.  For while Avalos and the angry atheists spend their lives attempting to destroy (and make no mistake, their entire program is destruction.  They construct nothing, they offer nothing, they propose nothing; their entire hope is the destruction of something which they hate), the Kurds offer refuge to the persecuted.  Avalos and the Angry Atheists persecute; and the Kurds protect the persecuted.  These two stories are opposite sides of the same coin.  The first, incarnate evil bent on chaos, and the second chaos brought under control by means of security and peace.

Is It Mean To Call Someone an Idiot?

one high-quality "dank" nugget of ma...

In our vernacular an idiot is a senseless person who lacks both intelligence and insight into propriety.  Originally, however, the word was used to describe people who were ‘different’.  They were ‘idiosyncratic’.  They had their ‘own way of seeing things and doing things’.  As time passed, that individuality was frowned upon and persons who differed radically from their neighbors came to be called ‘idiots’ in a negative sense.  Eventually the word arrived at its present meaning.

All of which leads to my present point.  This guy is an idiot in the current sense of the word.  A stupid, foolish, senseless dimwit exhibiting the kind of dimwittery which gave idiots a bad name in the first place.

Police said a new father faces drug charges because he lit up a marijuana joint, instead of a cigar, to celebrate his child’s birth at a western Pennsylvania hospital. Police aren’t identifying the man found smoking the pot in a designated smoking area of Uniontown Hospital Tuesday morning, but said he’ll face marijuana possession charges. Uniontown police Sgt. Jonathan Grabiak told the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review that a nurse smelled the marijuana when she took a cigarette break in the same area, and a hospital security guard called police about 3:20 a.m. Grabiak says the man told him, “I’m having a baby and wanted to get a buzz” and then pulled a bag of marijuana from his shoe.

Idiot. I feel sorry for his poor child. So is it mean to call someone an idiot? Absolutely not. The truth is the truth.

The Journal for the Study of Paul and His Letters

It’s new.  It’s published by Eisenbrauns.  And you can read a sample issue here.

The inaugural issue of JSPL includes a contribution by one of its editorial board members, Dr. Susan Eastman of Duke Divinity School (USA) on “Philippians 2:6–11: Incarnation as Mimetic Participation.” Delving into the Christ-Hymn, Eastman argues for a close link between imitation and participation in Paul’s explication of his gospel to the Philippian audience. The first regular issue of JSPL will include studies such as Paul Foster, “Eschatology in the Thessalonian Correspondence”; Michael Gorman, “Justification and Justice”; Richard Bell, “Paul’s Theology of Mind”; and a review of Douglas A. Campbell’s The Deliverance of God by Christopher Tilling and Michael Gorman, with a further response from Douglas Campbell.

Chris Tilling

I don’t know who Christopher Tilling is, but isn’t it ironic that he’s reviewed Campbell’s excessively long book just like Chris Tilling has? Wow, two people named Tilling doing the exact same thing. What are the chances?


A Bunch of New and Interesting Looking Books

From TVZ (which is, if I recall, distributed in North America by Eisenbrauns)

Wie ist aus den jüdischen Schriften, Evangelien und Briefen die Bibel entstanden, die wir heute kennen? Warum kann derselbe Text unterschiedlich ausgelegt werden? Albert Mantel erklärt in «Die Bibel lesen und deuten» die Entstehungs- und Auslegungsgeschichte der Bibel auf leicht zugängliche Weise.

Glossen zu Kirchenmusik und Liturgie, die ebenso zum Schmunzeln einladen wie zum Nachdenken, finden sich in «Schwere Taste – Leichte Feder» des Kirchenmusikers Martin Hobi.

Gleich zwei Bände der vom Schweizerischen Evangelischen Kirchenbund SEK herausgegebenen Beiträge zu Theologie, Ethik und Kirche sind erschienen:

In «Zwischen Leben und Tod» befasst sich Frank Mathwig mit der Diskussion um die organisierte Suizidhilfe in der Schweiz und mit der Rolle der Kirche bei Entscheidungen am Lebensende.

Im Sammelband «Wo Gottes Wort ist» zu Ehren des scheidenden Präsidenten des SEK, Thomas Wipf, wird von unterschiedlichen Seiten her nach der Zukunft der Kirche gefragt.

Können exklusive  Wahrheitsansprüche mit den Bedingungen eines rechtlich geordneten, friedlichen Zusammenlebens von Religionen vereinbart werden? Der Beitragsband «Religionen – Wahrheitsansprüche – Konflikte» versucht darauf Antworten zu finden.

Something for everyone!

Our Forgotten Veterans: The Women Who Have Served

Seal of the United States Department of Vetera...

Everyone ought to read this NPR report.

Over the past decade, the number of female veterans who have become homeless has nearly doubled to roughly 6,500, according to the Department of Veterans Affairs. Most of them are younger than 35. One of them is Cherish Cornish. Since June, the 29-year-old has lived on the fifth floor of a temporary housing facility run by Father Bill’s & MainSpring, a private nonprofit group in Brockton, Mass. Cornish lives in one of five rooms reserved for homeless female veterans. She’s struggling to make a life for herself after the military.

This is a national shame.

“When I joined the Army, I was barely 20 years old,” Cornish says with a Southern accent, a legacy of years growing up in Texas. “I come out, and I’m 23, and so I just kind of came of age in the military. I wind up on my own again in an apartment. It’s the first time I’ve had to pay rent since I was a teenager. It’s the first time I had to pay a light bill — pretty much ever — and all these responsibilities and budgeting and stuff that I’d really never had to deal with in the military.”

We have to do better, as a country, for our Vets. We can’t toss them out and leave them to fend for their often very young and very inexperienced with real life selves.  It’s immoral.

Amazon Removes the Pedophiles Guidebook

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They were foolish to make it available in the first place. Our ridiculous fixation on ‘free speech’ when that ‘freedom’ endangers children is the depths of ignorance and stupidity. The Daily Mail reports has reacted to the outrage sparked after selling a self-published guide that offers advice to paedophiles, and pulled the electronic-book from the website. ‘The Pedophile’s (Sic) Guide To Love & Pleasure: A Child-Lover’s Code of Conduct’ had been available for sale for on Amazon’s Kindle e-reader only on the retailer’s American site. But after users on the mico-blogging site Twitter called for the online retailer to pull the book – with some threatening to boycott the store – Amazon backed down under pressure and removed the title.

Good move to pull it- bad move to have it in the first place. The author should be arrested for facilitating a felony. ‘Freedom of speech’ never trumps the safety of children. Never.

Sometimes I Wish Prosecutors Wouldn’t Cut Deals…

Sometimes I wish they’d make ‘deals’ and then say ‘ha, fooled you, child murderer!  There’s no way I’d make a deal with the devil.  We’re going to seek the death penalty!’  I wish the prosecutors had done that in this case.

Scott Eby … the convicted sex offender pleaded guilty to … sexual assault and murder [of a child]. In a clear voice, Eby said the word “guilty” six times — ensuring he will spend the rest of his life behind bars for the death of Riley Fox. In exchange for the 39-year-old’s plea, prosecutors agreed not to seek the death penalty. The courtroom was packed with dozens of friends and family of Riley, many wearing pins with a photograph of the girl nicknamed “Rileybugs” on them. The gallery was silent as Eby entered his plea, ending a six-year ordeal in the highly-publicized case.

People who murder children deserve the full force of retribution in this life and the next.